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Russell Independent Schools Reviews

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Russell Independent Schools are well known for their distinguished academics and sports, something we are proud of. My overall experience at Russell is favorable in they truly make you feel at home, their is no other school I would have rather attended.
My experience at Russell independent schools is rather bitter sweet. Of course no one likes to wake up early to go to school every morning, but I have a got time while I’m there, make good memories with friends, and learn a lot along the way. There are some tough teachers but those are the ones who have taught me the most. I would not like any changes to occur.
A little difficult to get a start if your not from here but most people figure it out. Very safe with a good education.
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I loved that there were a variety of AP and honors classes to help prepare me for college. The teachers I had during my high school career were very good. They cared for every student's well-being and academic success.
Overall, Russell High School is one of the best schools in its area. Although, there is not a very diverse community, it is still a good school if you are more interested in academics rather than sports.
I graduated from Russell and now my kids will go to Russell. It’s a great school system with wonderful teachers and students. I love how they take academics seriously and want the students to excel in every aspect. My daughter talks about how much she loves going and enjoys learning. This makes me so happy! That’s when you know the schools are doing their job. Thank you Russell for doing what you do best!
Russell is a wonderful school with many opportunities. Great faculty throughout all of the schools. They offered many different classes to start on my college career early and it was extremely beneficial to my true first semester of college. Because of Russell’s excellent college courses offered, I have been very successful in all of my classes and I was able to easily catch on to the expectations of my true college classes.
I love this school and the teachers here, I’m so glad I moved here my sophomore year. I have met so many goals and raised scores so now I’m able to get more college money and get a better idea of what college can help me. I’m now college ready because of Russell. There’s so many different clubs, one for everyone. There is also a police at the school at all times so it is a very safe place to be. I’m glad to say that Russell has really taken me in and has definitely changed my life for the best.
I am currently a senior at Russell High School. I feel that my past and present teachers have prepared me for my next step in life which is college.
Russell is a great place to prepare you for life. The teachers and faculty are always there to help you if you need it.
Russell is a great school for any student to go too. Russell is very diverse making it easy for anyone to fit in.
Small competitive school with plenty of honors and AP classes. Sports are not great. There is a national champion dance team with 12 titles!!
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