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The facilities are great. They try and keep the outside looking pleasing to the eyes of others. The inside of the schools could look a lot nicer than what they do. Especially East Rowan, they are so old and have done no remodeling to the inside and you can smell the mold. The staff do a great job to keep everything clean on the inside but sometimes little things get untouched and you can tell.
Each school in Rowan County was not diverse. They all had many stereotypes, and many of them were true. But all of the schools together, it was a very diverse community. Each schools worked together well not only with the students, but the teachers and faculty as well.
What I like about rowan salisbury schools is that, they offer you a variety of opportunities to be successful. For example, if a class is not offered at your specific school, they allow you to enroll into the class at another school although you do not attend that school. This benefits me because I know I can obtain the information that I need and I also know that any facility in Rowan County is willing to help me achieve my goals and desires.
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Rowan-Salisbury Schools maintained a very welcoming enviornment yet often fell short of preparing students for real world problems. They value academic integrity, cultural awareness as well as the connection between peers and administration. Overall, my experience has been beneficial to both my education and personal life.
The communication between career readiness and student knowledge was exempt from lack of students information.
Rowan Salisbury Schools has many things they do well and many issues. Many schools have great teachers who care about their students and love doing their jobs. At the same time, many of those teachers do not have the required resources to help those students excel and many times have to use their own funds to meet their needs. Rowan Salisbury Schools has very unique programs but, they do not have the classes, clubs, and programs that schools in the surrounding areas have and they do not have the means to acquire those programs for their students. Rowan Salisbury Schools is a school system that does an adequate job of preparing High Schools students for college and gives them an average education.
Through out my many years as a student of Rowan-Salisbury School system, I had great moments but also terrible moments. The great moments did not really start until about high school, but every kid is likely to struggle through out the growing up process. But, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed in the school system.
I am not learning what many other schools are doing. I feel that I am not metal and physicals prepared to attend college.
I think all Rowan-Salisbury Schools do a great job at what they do. They provide for us and help us out more than we notice. All the schools here have so much school spirit and look so proud to be at school and whats better than that? We do such a good job at being so kind to each other and have a positive attitude. We spread positivity and show people how great it is to be kind and thats the best way to do things.
Rowan salisbury is where i have been to school all of my life they have provided me with the tools to build my education and create a better life for me and my family. With my mom being a teacher in this system they need some improving on that aspect i see where she is frustrated with that aspect.
I love my school because i can walk through there and get along with everyone. the biggest problem i have there is the new schedule we changed to but i think after a little getting used to it, it'll be great. i would love to see some of the staff change because i don't feel that they are interested in making our school a better place.
My son has been in RSS for 14 years. In elementary school my son sustained a broken wrist at school and I was never notified. In middle school his football and wrestling clash was arrested for indecent liberties with a child. In high school he was in 2 bus accidents that I was also never notified about. Very disappoint in this school district
The things that need to change are the amount of things "athletes/jocks" get away with. I love the diversity the schools have and meeting new people that I may have not went to middle or elementary school with.
My experience with the Roman-Salisbury School system was okay, I guess. I just finished my freshman year at West Rowan high. The good parts were the food, the diversity of students, and a couple decent teachers. The bad parts were the treatment of lgbt+ students. (very bad) the way some teachers treat students like we're stupid and that our opinions don't matter, and the administration is just bad. Most of the time they don't know whta they are doing, or just don't care.
I like the technology they brought in and how it is used to increase creativity and rigor in classes. We have a lot of resources at our fingertips.
Rowan-Salisbury Schools has prepared me for several important things I will face in life. However, there were challenges and the anti-bullying program as well as the guidance program is below par.
Schools are great. Need to focus more on communication with parents on un-complete school work, etc.
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I personally have been in the Rowan-Salisbury school system since 2nd grade. I have enjoyed it. I personally think there should be more bullying and suicide prevention and that bullying should be taken more seriously in schools (especially middle school). I say this because out of the 3 years I was at my middle school there were 2 suicides. Thats not counting all of the attempts of suicide. I think high school should offer more college ready classes that offer certification in a certain career cluster.
I have been the Rowan Salisbury School district all my life and I've been absolutely impressed on the things that they have changed the system and have come down to the kids level and letting us use laptops. The only thing that I have not liked are the snow days and how they have left us in school too long that all of the cars were covered in snow and couldn't drive and put the kids n danger of wrecking.
The thing I really like about Rowan-Salisbury schools is they really care about our safety. They also alway try to lead us in the right direction. Something I would change would be how they react to certain situations with different students. I think that everyone should have the same punishments for the same wrongdoing.
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