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Rowan County Public Schools Reviews

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Good, but could be much better. My son struggles mightily in Golden Hogge Elementary. 1 month after we moved to Bath County he has learned more than all the time spent in the Rowan County Public School system. Rowan has so much more sources and finding available than Bath County. They have a long way to go.
The staff was very friendly and would help whenever needed. However the administration didn’t get involved when they needed to. A lot of bullying goes on at this school and nothing is done about it. The food served during lunch has been known to be molded or they run out of what they are serving. The bathrooms and classrooms were always spotless and the janitors are the kindest people there. The resources area was always full of donations and if you needed anything they would help
The worst thing about this area is that there is not a whole lot to do. If there were more businesses or social establishments things would be much better for everyone. Variety helps everyone become more well rounded and it promotes growth and re-investment back into the area.
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What I like best about Rowan County Public Schools has been my friend group. Some of the teachers are excellent, others not so much. I have to say the work hard to prepare you for college if you want to go and will participate in the process. If you don’t put forth the effort then neither do they. Which is how it should be. No one should do the work for you. There should be more course offerings. There is only one foreign language offered.
I think our academics are great but the relationship of the the student body and the administration is weak
Rowan County Senior High School was the best four years. It is a great school system. I graduated with 230 in my class so not to big and not to small. Just perfect! They also have a great athletic system that helps kids get involved.
We need more school librarians, & to focus on our schools & children more.

This about says it all:
I enjoyed my middle and high school career at Rowan County. I had amazing teachers and a beautiful campus.
The school was being remodeled my sophomore and junior year, which made things difficult for a while. But the results were outstanding. Most of the teachers that I had I enjoyed being in their class. The principal was never there or always in his office away from everyone. I believe I only saw him like 5 times my whole high school career.
The elementary schools are great. Knox Middle is the worst, they don't care and will tell your child exactly that. Erwin and East are the best for non african american students, the teachers actually care. Salisbury High is not and has never been a good school.
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