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Round Valley Unified School District Reviews

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Round Valley is a very decent school, its offers a lot for sports and music programs and also offers a diverse amount of classes. However it is small school and offers very few opportunities besides what is already given. The atmosphere is decent and is well educationally focused, however the student body is active and likes to try to include everyone as much as possible with their given limitations. Also there is are a couple college readiness programs offered they are just college courses in which you could take during school, it has very few classes to offer. Otherwise the school itself is a good school for such small town. They also do breakfast and offer vending machines so food is never really a problem, however the campus is open campus and so students are welcome to leave to go get lunch. Lastly, the school itself is decent for a small community and the student body is enjoyable and very active, and its a wonderful school for what it is.
The High School teachers and administration are great. There is open communication with parents and students.
We are a close knit community and we always help each other out! The teachers care a lot and try very hard to keep you on track. The school spirit in Round Valley is awesome and so much fun!
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All my siblings have graduated from around valley and have developed very successful lifes. I plan to fallow in there footsteps and work hard in a competitive world. The skills and knowledge that I have learned in Round valley will help me further my education at a university and help me obtain a career. The memories I have developed in Round valley will be with me for the rest of my life, helping me through life’s struggles.
One thing I admire about Round Valley School District is the one and one a student has with a teacher. What I want to be changed at this school is for teachers to be less lenient and assign harder work to students.
Round Valley High School is very friendly to every family enrolled in their school. The athletics are great. I've participated in dance, track and field, and volleyball over the years. The staff, coaches, and students are welcoming and always there when you need them.
Teachers are very caring and want all students to succeed. We have a very caring student body who are all willing to help in time of need. When something rough comes up in a student(s) life, everyone pitches in to help.
The school itself is pretty nice. It does not look trashy or like a run down school. The faculty are fairly nice. I would like too see a more diverse amount of classes. They all are pretty generic, and frankly boring. If they would hire different teachers, or teach different subjects then maybe it would be an alright school. The amount of bullying is also too great there.
Growing up in a small town, this is a perfect school! Small classes with personal time with the teachers. The high school has a really great agriculture department!
My school has a laid back atmosphere but we are very serious about academics. In every way possible our teachers want us to succeed in our academic career but also want to prepare us for what's ahead.
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