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Round Lake Community Unit School District No. 116 Reviews

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Overall, I have a nuanced perspective of how the district approached education; that is, the instruction was incredibly lackluster and unregulated.
Very good school district where the teachers care about their students and always encourage them to do their best.
The district promotes an enriched learning environment for students who are dedicated towards their education. Despite the lack of resources, the district is creative to facilitate well learning environments for their students. The staff and administration do their absolute best to guide students into right paths as well. The staff and administration is also very welcoming and adaptive to all types of learners. Overall my experience in the Round Lake School district has been superb!!
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I like the diversity of the school. Everyone is accepted for who they are. We have a lot of clubs and the school works hard to be inclusive. The sports program has been good to me and I have enjoyed my years there. The theater department is amazing and there are so many opportunities for all types of students to find what they love and do it. Round Lake High School has been my home away from home for four years and I will miss it when I go to college. I wanted to try cross country as a freshman, and the coach even tried to recruit me, but I was focused on my basketball career. I finally decided to run cross country as a senior and felt welcomed by everyone on the team. I even made it to regionals and made some great friendships!
I liked how it was easy to get involved in school activites and extracurriculars. The teachers were also very helpful and always want their students to succeed.
There are some teachers that are just put in classes to teach subjects that they know nothing about. There needs to be more motivation on helping students with their education because students are always scared on reaching out for help.
Overall, one can tell the district does care for the education of their students across all schools that are part of the district. All schools, especially Round Lake Senior High School has made multiple academic improvements throughout the years. Not only have the schools gotten better from an academic standpoint, but those involved in the school district come to the aid of their schools when needed
After the floods that occurred over the summer, Murphy elementary school was in very bedraggled condition. The district banded together to make sure Murphy was given the proper attention needed so that the school could be built back to a commendable condition. Due to this, students were able to attend Murphy once again in the fall, rather than having to go to a different facility due to the school's once unkempt condition.
The RL community is great. The schools love their students and want to see them succeed in life. My experience has overall been positive as I grew and learned so many things that I wouldn't learn anywhere else.
I have enjoyed my experiences here at Round Lake High school. It has taught me to persevere through obstacles and that nothing comes easy. It has honestly shown me glimpses of the way of life and how you must work in order to achieve what you want. It has taught me that everything in life is not fair. For some people it is fair and they can get about anything they'd like but for the majority of the population that accusation is false. The diversity and culture here at Round Lake has taught me to stand for myself and the minority's that have to work harder than the average student who goes to school in a different neighborhood or area.
This school has many dedicated teachers and staff in general who are willing to go an extra mile for you and your future. As well as having many challenging courses which can help you find which career you would like. RLAS also has AP classes who are taught by amazing teachers! There are things that can be improved, like in any School, but this school has really improved from before and has really put the students first.
I like that my high school is diverse. I am able to be in extra curricular activities like sports medicine tgat not all schools offer. I feel that my school has come a long way in improving our level of teaching they just have a little further to go in this area.
The teachers and staff in the RLAS-116 District are very specialized and passionate in helping students and pushing them towards success. There are many things needed at our district such as funding and resources. We only have basic sports teams and some schools share a cafeteria and gymnasium which isn't sanitary. The schools are from the 1950's and there are still sections of the schools with no hot water or windows or air conditioning which is very hard during winter and summer with the extreme temperatures in north Illinois. There are middle schools overflowing with kids so they send them to the other ones, the halls become unsafe with everyone running around and our extracurricular programs are not funded well such as art club. In art club we barely made projects and our paints had to be brought from the teacher's home, I had to buy supplies for myself in art club. RLAS-116 needs a lot of help but the staff is what makes it special.
Compared to my freshmen year of high school, this district has improved so much in providing for their students ! There are so many programs available for people of all ages in the community. Although some might give it a bad reputation, that doesn't mean it's really a bad school/district.
I attended round lake area schools from kindergarten all the way through high school. They have made some good changes through the years but they still have a long way to go to compete completely with the other schools around the area.
Round Lake High School has had an overall turnaround from what it was 3 years ago. From the new construction built in 2016 to the vast amount of programs and opportunities students are presented, like the Incubator lab, STEM labs, and affiliation with the National Hispanic Institute, the overall experience gives students lifetime opportunities. As well as a new state-wide and national academics ranking award given in 2017, improvements with intellectuals are still at an all-time high and continuing.
A very good school, don't listen to the kids who say it's bad, they are the kids at chose to not put in effort in school and complain to others, that the school was the reason... its not. It's what you make of it, it you do good you will go to a good college.
My experience with Round lake high school has been over all exciting and educational. All the teachers want you to do your best which makes them be involved all around you and help with whatever you need. The students are also nice and everyone helps each other out into becoming a better person. The administration are involved all around with the students and staff and make the school better.
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Most students actually try in school while some do not care and distract others. Parents are not too involved and the teachers do care about the students however, they could be better.
My eexperience in Round Lake schools was extremely positive. Teachers care about your well-being and success. Schools are diverse, inclusive, and always trying to better their curriculum and policies.
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