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Roseville is a very good school district. The teachers are excellent for the most part. A major drawback is that the administration focus on topics other than learning, and our very limited resources follow. Teachers have been fired, programs downsized, and learning has taken a back seat so they can buy iPads that don't work after three years. There is a lot of diversity in the student population, but there is not nearly as much among the administrators or teachers. Sports and activities are very much a part of school culture, and receive a lot of support for the most part. The music program here is the best in the state, especially for band and choir.
I would like to see more opportunities for people to get involved.
I really like the people here, and there is also a wonderful community theatre that gets lots of different people to work together.
I feel like the schools should challenge students a bit more than they currently do. However, they do already have very good academics.
I have had a pretty good experience in my school district. I have liked a lot of my teachers, and I have always felt safe at school. However, the school sometimes makes rules that don't make sense, and can be a little frustrating with how they handle situations. But overall, I like my school district.
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It’s a normal public school. I have good friends and good teachers but I think we need to focus more on education rather than evaluation to truly fulfill the purpose of the education system. There are kids who are motivated and school is a competition to get an A and there are students who cannot get high scores so don’t even try. What’s important is teaching the material, not being the best, and I feel like that point has been lost within our school.
Great teachers and great sense of community. In my four years there I made a lot of friends as well as many connections with faculty!
My children attend Parkview Center school which is a district school not a neighborhood school. It is the only K-8 in the district. The academics are more rigorous than most of the other elementary's and the middle school. This may be due to it being a school of choice. Not much diversity and the only true option for gifted students is the math program.
Most of the teachers are very good. Middle school administration could have been better when I was there.
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