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A great school system with teachers that truly care about their students. All the tools I needed for college were provided for me at Roseville.
The teachers were amazing, they cared about your education as well as your mental health. The staff was very understanding people.
Roseville Community Schools offer a lot of potentials to be one of the best schools in the county, but they hold themselves back with the lack of respect towards teacher's salaries that lead them to teach farther away at schools that pay them a lot more and reprimanding students who destroy resources for kids who want to learn.
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Although I did not have the greatest of times in the schools, I did have what I would consider a mostly positive experience with RCS. I do kind of wish I was made a bit more ready for college when I graduated, however.
Roseville High School is very diverse, that may the best attribute about it. Most of our teachers really seem to care about you and will help you towards your goals, especially the counselors. We have some of the best sports teams in the country including our boys varsity basketball team. Roseville is a fun school to attend.
Roseville Community Schools value educating and guiding the lives of its students. Teachers and staff serve as wonderful role models, aside from educating.
The school is very good for the most part. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, although some of the students are not the best in part due to the lack of discipline at the school.
I love that the teachers in Roseville are genuine and I feel that they want you to succeed. I dislike some of the new policies regarding attendance and phones.
I'm on the varsity swim team, i'm in symphonic choir, and i'm in newspaper. The school could use some updates, like a new elevator. It could also use a library. But the teachers are great, most of them are really helpful. The bathrooms stink sometimes but the toilets work wonderfully. The food is tragic but edible. But in the midst of all those tragedies, I have learned a lot from this school and will definitely miss it when I graduate.
I have loved going to Roseville but it seems like not all the teachers care as much as others, sometimes I feel set up to fail.
I like how you can build relationships with a lot of the teachers and there’s resources if you’re struggling. The safety here is good because all of the exits are locked from the outside and you need to be buzzed in through the security desk if you want to enter the building.
This district is seriously lacking. Teachers and administration refuse to communicate/meet with or listen to parent or student concerns. My child has reported actual physical abuse multiple times from a teacher!! Grades have dropped from A's to almost failing and we have been repeatedly ignored. This is at Huron park elementary. Roseville high school also horrible. My high schoolers grades also dropped the one year she went. Due to the teachers inability to control the classroom. My child recorded what happened on a daily. Disgusting. She is now home schooled. All A++. Avoid Rossville schools.
I'd like there to be more of a variety of classes, more clubs/activities, teachers who get more involved with the students and their education and a safer enviornment.
I loved my teachers. They made the experience so great and worth while. They were always there to push you when you needed it. Help you get through your own life problems and are so selfless and take care of us as their own.
I like the spirit and student involvement when we have our pep rallies. The teachers are very easy to talk to when you have problems. I also like how there are many clubs and sports to choose from. Unfortunately, these clubs, sports, and overall school don't receive very much funding. Sometimes I feel that we spend more time planning on how we can raise money than doing what we are supposed to be doing. The cleanliness is another problem. There's always trash in the halls and it's worse at lunch time. The microwaves are disgusting and I hardly ever see someone clean them.
The teachers are highly educated and work very well with the students. They try to relate to the kids in different ways that would be deemed helpful to that particular individual.
I like that Roseville Community Schools are very diverse and welcoming to any race, religion and ethnic backgrounds. I dont like how some events and activities are unorganized, and i dont like the bus system.
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I loved the teachers at Roseville high school and how they always tried to connect with students and always tried to have them being out their full potential in school and outside of the classroom. They worked with students very well and always knew how to help and go out of their way for students.
Roseville high School is a great school. I like the energy, and it has awesome people there. I wished I played sports.
Roseville Community Schools is a great school district. The teachers are great. Curriculum is good but, could better with preparing for students college. The food could be a lot better.
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