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The administration needs to change. There is a whole lot of apathy that is created by not being able to do things other schools do.
I loved rose hill. I graduated in 2015. It was nice because it was small so you knew all the teachers, faculty, and the students. There were not issues like you find in the city and bigger schools such as gang violence, bullying, drugs, etc.
I am a senior and it is my first year at Rose Hill high school and it has been a great experience so far! The people were very welcoming and made it easy to make friends.
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For being a tiny school of 500 students in a little town outside of Wichita, Rose Hill High isn't too bad. The teachers are great, with decent clubs and classes. Could use better lunch food and less money wasted on sports team, cause they can't win anyway.
I have gone to Rose Hill my whole life, and I absolutely love the atmosphere. The teachers find different ways to engage the students and are willing to spend their extra time to help people who are struggling. The small town environment makes the students and faculty very close-knit. The only problem for me is that the sports and education are not very advanced.
I really enjoy being at Rose Hill because you get to have a close relationship with the students, teachers, and staff. Everyone in the school and our community is very supportive of what we do, and we encourage others.
Great teacher child ratio. Putting needs of child first. A lot of secondary school opportunities for a small district.
I liked the sense of community and how the teachers were always willing to check up on you, whether it's to see how you're doing in the class or ask about your extra curricular activities. I would probably change the lunches and I would change how the homecoming weeks go.
I really like the school layout. Every classroom is easy to find and there are always School Spirit posters up in the halls. However, there are always problems with school funding. I feel that too much money is invested in specific sports while others are cut short. Also, the school issued food is not anywhere near worth what we pay for it. The vending machine is the students' only hope for recognizable food, and even that has poor options.
I have had 3 kids graduate from Rose Hill Schools (all received college scholarships). I currently have 1 in high school, 1 in middle school and 1 in grade school. The buildings and athletic facilities are nice and kept up to date, the schools are safe and parents/administration are very involved. I couldn't think of a better place for my kids.
My experience at Rose Hill Schools lasted 6 years and I have 1 more year left. The teachers are great and push me to be better, excluding a couple. I have never felt like I was in danger at any point in my time here, it is a wonderful place to be. It is not very diverse only because of our location. The administration is good, they always stay involved and they come talk to me to get the low down of our up coming football game or where I stand in the track meet that week. Rose Hill is a wonderful little town and school district. I would recommend it to anyone.
It was a good school, it could have been much more diverse. Additionally, some of the teachers are fantastic while others seem not to teach at all.
I have grown in up in the Rose Hill Schools for about 10 years. While there are some faculty and staff that make me have the greatest time, encourage positive work ethic, and just make me want to do great in school... there are some teachers that make me dread coming to school every day. Overall, Rose Hill's small town feeling provides a great atmosphere at all social events from Drama Club to basketball games.
Rose Hill is a very close knit family. The class sizes are pretty small, so everyone knows everyone!
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