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Roland is not only a school but it is also home. As soon as I walked into those doors I knew I was going to have a great high school experience. Everyone is so nice and the teachers are even better!
Roland schools is very small so I liked how you knew everyone's name. They truly have amazing teachers that care about your education.
With my experience at Roland High school, Roland has taught me a lot education wise but socially wise, they have taught me what not todo. If you are a athlete you can get away with everything.
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Roland has always been home. Not just because I live in roland but its the people that live and work here and the way they make you feel.
Roland can be great academic wise depending on the teachers. I would like to see more learning and teacher student interactions. More options for kids to learn from. More options sports wise as well.
My experience with Roland Public Schools has honestly been amazing. My sophomore year, when I was diagnosed with my muscle disease, the school supported me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. They sent me cards, showed up to my treatments, and visited me. This helped my spirits stay up. Yes, we are a small school. But we are close. Everyone knows everyones name. Everyone helps each other out. I am not saying it has been a perfect experience, but nothing is perfect. But to me, this is as close as you can get too perfect.
I love the teacher involvement that CAN sometimes get overwhelming and the admin is a bit strict. I would like to see the buildings get better and the funding to be greater to improve our education.
Football team and one on one with the kids, more available for the kids. Teacher being nice to kids. Kids doing what their told.
I went to Roland all my life and I graduated from there here recently I loved all of the faculty they did everything in there power to make those years great and to make sure that everyone in there had fun
I love the way they really push everyone to try and be the best that they can be. Also a lot of teachers will help focus on students with depression and really focus on making them feel comfortable at the school and not try and make it a bad experience for them. The physical activities is the best, they always have super good coaches and good programs. I would like to see more improvements in the building. I feel like there getting a little to old.
I love that most of the teachers here like to know you on a personal level and try their hardest to help you exceed in your field of education. The sad thing at this school is the fact that we do not have enough funding and can’t even afford paper. Not only that, but the ceilings are falling out from rain damage, and the bathrooms flood on the occasion, a little too often.
I’d like to see the teachers more into the academics than the sports, and other school activities. Also, like to see some of the money go back into the school facilities .
I've gone to Roland my whole life. I feel like it's a great school and a wonderful place to put your kids in. The teachers are one of the greatest people to be around.
It is an okay school if you like the small town variety. For all your kids and to just put roots down.
My experience at Roland High School was very perplexed. At times, it was really overwhelming. I felt as if the teachers weren't as involved as they should have been. They were more focused on our clothing than our education. Roland should have had a better administration and academics. The rules were outrageous. Students were always in In School Suspension because of pitiful reasons. They certainly did not handle student’s punishments in the most appropriate way. Even if I didn’t get in trouble as much as other students. The dress code was ridiculous. Teachers and students should not be more concerned about what you’re wearing. School is for learning and betting yourself.
I am currently a student at Roland High School. Through the years there have been many things that have stood out to me about the school. There are many great things about this school such as the commitment of the teachers. The teachers seem to know every student personally and really care about how they do inside and outside of the classroom. If you ever need to talk to someone you can always go find a teacher that'll care! The academics at Roland are great, you're encouraged to do your best and learn as much as you can in every class. The down side of the school is probably the students. Some students are allowed to get away with much more than they should, or even if someone else were to do something that another did they would get in trouble. My overall experience at the school although was quite enjoyable, great friends and people greet me every day when I walk through the doors!
Roland High School is an amazing school. There's a saying that many of the teachers say, "There's the right way, the wrong way, and the Roland way." Basically that means that everyone here at Roland tries their best. The teachers here at Roland are amazing. They give 110% all day, everyday. They're all so involved with their students.
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