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Rockville Centre Union Free School District Reviews

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There were definitely things that I wish I could have changed but overall I had a good experience here.
The teachers are interactive with the student. The administration is very friendly with the children.
Moving to Rockville Centre in high school from New York City was a difficult process but was not impossible to become comfortable in. The school is great as it relates to academics and extracurricular activities and is led by individuals who do show great care for school as a whole but lacks in terms of individual interactions. Due to the limited diversity in the student and faculty populations, there have been issues as it relates to student interactions and how to deal with such issues. The school's push for academics and curriculum are great and do well in preparing students but the push for the International Baccalaureate leaves very few options for those who do not participate, there is an overbearing push to do the whole program which is very costly. While the education offered is great, the cost creates divides as not all students can afford it
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My son who has Down syndrome is an out of district placement. RVC is warm and welcoming and top notch in every way.
The academics are good, except for the IB program its pointless. You spend so much time and work and not everyone gets the dipploma
I really love the Rockville Centre Union Free School District. The teachers have provided me with such a wonderful hands-on academic experience. The International Baccalaureate program has also enriched me in many ways. I have been exposed to rich literature, challenging math problems, and a new language. I will recommend the RVC School district to many because there are such great things to say about it.
The Rockville Centre school district is extremely organized and cares about the education of its students. If your child is in this school district, you can be confident that their education, voice, and safety are the first priority.
The IB diploma is challenging to say the least but truly prepares you for college. While not for everyone, it is worth while in the end.
I had an excellent 4 years at South Side High School. The teachers and administrators are generally friendly and are very good at their profession. South Side is a nationally recognized school and I believe I obtained an excellent high school education. The work I did in the IB program has undoubtedly prepared me for college. The students are great as I’ve made friends for life at South Side. I’m proud of what I accomplished athletically as a team captain and 3 year Varsity letterman for football. Also of what I accomplished academically as a member of the National Honor Society with a 95.90 GPA.
Overall I had a great experience in this school district, it offers an advanced curriculum which pushes students to the best of their abilities. They're many clubs and activities to get involved for any student and the district also has an outstanding music program.
Going on my third year from graduating from this school district, I still have nothing but positive things to say. I only entered this school district during the last year of middle school, but I knew even then that the school was the absolute right place for me. Coming from a Catholic school curriculum, the coursework in RVCUDS was the challenge I had been looking for for a long time. Even throughout high school, the teachers were motivated by the students' success and pushed us to do even better all the time. The teachers were involved and caring even outside the classroom, and I never felt like I was slipping through the cracks or not cared for by anyone in the school district.
The school is a wonderful atmosphere for creativity and acceptance. If I could change one thing about this learning environment, I think I would increase awareness levels for diversity due to the fact that some of my peers look down about people who happen to be different in the slightest.
It's been rough, but from everything I hear, South Side and the IB program really prepares you for college, so I'm hoping everyone is right!
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