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Rockford has many resources to offer students but it would be nice to see a little less focus on sports and more money in other departments.
Rockford has a great education and many cool opportunities. One thing that I wished to be different is if we had more diversity.
Rockford Public Schools works hard to insure their students are performing to the best of their ability. Most teachers will give time and effort to do so. This school works hard on preparing students for the real world.
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There are many things I like about Rockford, one of them being the atmosphere. In the mornings we have a loud speaker playing music and people are handing out candy. It just gets you ready for the day. Another thing I like about Rockford is the athletics. As an athlete we have a huge athletic program, this is nice because we have a focus on it, and we typically have good athletic teams, so it is fun to go to our athletic events and watch them. Another thing I like about Rockford is how big the school is. This matters because no matter how new you are to the school, most people wouldn't know you are new, because of how big of a school we are.
The faculty, sports, and all around learning structure is 5 stars for Rockford Public Schools. The biggest flaw of not only Rockford Public Schools, but the community as a whole is the "status" or "ego" of the community. Going to and living in Rockford without having a upper-middle class home with parents that didn't have an extra car or a vacation planned to Mexico for spring break was more than difficult. I was told from other students that it didn't make sense how I "looked the part" and was pretty but I didn't have any money. When I turned 16 I asked what kind of vehicle I was getting, when in fact I would be riding the bus until I graduated. The expectation of class and money within the Rockford community, even throughout the school system is appalling.
As a student in the Rockford Public School district, I am happy to say that I have had an incredible experience. Perfect? No, but nothing really is perfect. I have always felt safe and cared for by both the staff and students of the district, and Rockford Public schools provides countless opportunities for each of its students in academics, sports, arts, and clubs. The Rockford Public School district strives for excellence, and its goals for each individual's achievement and the support provided lead Rockford students down paths toward greatness.
I went to school in the Rockford school district from 6th-12th grade. it was overall a very good expirience. They focus a lot on keeping bullying and negativity out of the environment which is very good. I'd send my kids to this school.
Great community! We just need equal and fair funding. Other schools get way more money. If we had the same funds as the east coast, we would put them to shame.
I moved to Rockford when I was in fourth grade, and I instantly noticed a difference compared to my previous school district. Rockford was less diverse, but the school district offered many more opportunities to be successful and involved. I established friendships that have continued to grow as I progress through high school, and I am very pleased with the willingness put forth by the staff members and their desire to prepare me for college.
This is a very large school, but that means it has a lot of advanced academic opportunities. However, the administration cares more about running the school efficiently than the mental health and happiness of the students. Money is put to the stupidest things, including more and more athletics. If you are a meat-head athlete, it's the perfect school, but while there are state of the art weight rooms, our science labs are using supplies from the 90's and running out of necessary items to function everyday.
Best school I am two years ahead in math here amazing you should come if you are looking for a bigger school or a mica school and also great education
Rockford public schools is a really great district, Even though its big all the teachers try their best to help out each individual student with whatever they are struggling with.
When it comes to Rockford, you have to look for the small things. Like most schools it does have it pros and cons, but I found the schools positives out weigh the negatives. I was able to find the academic support I needed with the help of some amazing staff, and I was presented with some amazing opportunities. In the world of athletics, Rockford is the school where you want to be, there are numerous teams that have been extremely successful. However the size of the school or the number of students can make it difficult for an individual to thrive and succeed and students tend to be lost in the crowd. The special education system is definitely lacking, I know students who were pulled out of the program and transferred to other school districts or went to home schooling. To put it simply Rockford is the place for the cookie cutter student, who can push through and find the positives in the small things and strive in different situations.
I play sports here at Rockford and have been on the football team, it is a great group of guys but I can see how much it overshadows many kids' lives. I wouldn't have traded my time on the team for anything else but the culture should change. I have also been on the club rugby team all 4 years and I love it. Rugby is a sport that is starting to blow up in America and will become a huge sport soon. The schools academics is great and has great teachers like the calculus teacher Mr. Resuch. He is an incredibly knowledgeable man who does his job exceptionally well.
I liked that the teachers were all very good but didn't like that everything was based on sports. Lots of the students feel the same way. Its known that if you don't play a sport you aren't a good enough student. I also don't like how many people there are in the school and per grade.
Throughout my time at Rockford, I have had many teachers who have gone above and beyond to try and teach their students. However, more often than not, the resources that have been provided to students in the way of textbooks, online learning, and overall facilities, has hampered the ability for students to get everything they can out of a Rockford education.
I love the enviorment of learning that has been created but I would like to see more involvment in the arts
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Overall, I have had an amazing experience at Rockford Public Schools. Ever since the day I walked into my kindergarten classroom I have felt welcome and comfortable in their district. Not only have my teachers all been kind and helpful through my academic career, but they have always been there for me if I needed anything mentally too. At Rockford Public Schools you can see that each teacher is teaching because they love to see their students grow as a person and as a student. One thing that I would like to see change is for a more diverse group of students in our district. This would not only bring in more culture to the kids, but let them see that our world isn't full of all middle-class people. In the end, my thirteen years in this district have been better than I could have asked for.
I've been attending Rockford Public Schools for almost 12 years and all the time spent there, I've had supportive teachers, friends I can trust, and all around an amazing experience.
It is an amazing school that cares about the students and community. Wouldn’t raise my kids anywhere else
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