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Great faculty that really cares for students. I never felt that I was shoved in a box to succeed. MANY programs of study for a high school. Classes like sewing, building, lifestyle, child development, jewelry making, construction and more!
I enjoyed the teaching staff and how involved they are with the students and their genuine and concern for their students. I would like to see general culture of the student body change into a more positive feel.
I enjoyed my experience with Rockford, all the teachers, principals, and other staff are really there for their students and love to help out!
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I enjoyed going to Rockford Public Schools but the class sizes are huge so you do not get to connect with all of your classmates. This is also a positive because you can meet new people everyday.
I love how passionate the staff members are about the students and athletes. I have had an amazing experience and always feel cared about. Athletics are very important and competitive, but academics always come first. One thing I would change about Rockford is the diversity though. Although not diverse, there are still many amazing and smart students at Rockford. All students are cared about by the staff and taken care of.
Rockford public schools are one of the best in Michigan. We have a great Marching band and football and state champions. We have great teachers who will help us when we ask and make sure we understand every subject and every detail so you’re ready for a test or quiz.
overall a well put together school, but like all others, many problems with stupid kid vaping. afdla;lfsj;l
I have attended Rockford since 1st grade. Overall, I think the school did best with what they were given. I think that it was an accurate representation of a public school district. There were instances where I think that the teachers that were hired should have been put under better questioning during interviewing about their teaching style. Meaning that instead of actually teaching students, I had an experience where my instructor would criticize us for not already knowing what they were teaching. They expected us to look ahead in the textbook, that wasn't related to her lessons, and teach ourselves the curriculum before class the next day. On another note, not that the school district can control this, but it is a very white community. There wasn't any problems that came up that I can think of, it just created outsiders of different race because they thought they didn't belong with the rest of the school.
Rockford had a close knit community feel and introduced me to people of many different backgrounds, as well as offering me a number of different opportunities.
What I like about Rockford Public Schools is that each year brings new excitement and also new experiences. What I would change about Rockford Public Schools is to update the facilities like the pool to make them appear more usable and better looking.
I certainly have enjoyed my time at Rockford Public Schools so far. The teachers and staff support students tremendously and are constantly working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students. Furthermore, the curriculum and diverse teaching styles work to include every child in their educational journey. Overall, my experience with Rockford Public Schools has been extremely positive, as the entire district is truly dedicated at making a greater community.
I love Rockford and am a student here at this time. I've read some people's reviews saying that it is a very competitive school and that that is a bad thing, but for me, it helps me strive to do better. It's overall a great school and athletics and music are amazing and are a big part of my life. The only complaint I have is I feel that the teachers and faculty are mostly liberal, which I sort of understand as the teachers union in Michigan is very liberal, but I feel I'm not learning everything I could be in areas such as Social Studies, as my dad is pretty much the basis of everything I learn in SS and I feel that they leave out things that are much needed to learn.
Needs more funding books are old and classrooms need to be updated but other than that the teachers are amazing and support was great.
RockFord can give you a lot of opportunities and can open a lot of doors for students. They’re very wide range of variety of academics , sports, and arts can give you the chance to truly explore what you love and what makes you happy.
I enjoyed going to school for the most part. Great opportunities. Lovely teachers. Great environment. I took off a star because they don’t always take care of situations the best.
Rockford had many opportunities for students to take challenging classes and improve upon their academic experiences. However, they were mainly focused on sports and were more worried about winning than academic readiness.
It is a nice school in a great area. I would like to see it become more accepting/diverse in the future.
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Very welcoming and tight knit community that offers many opportunities for all students in all areas of interest with support to expand.
The teachers at Rockford are, for the most part, amazing. The environment is accepting to all and I do not think I have every seen anyone being bullied. However, I dislike the competition at Rockford. It seems as if you are only in school to beat those around you. I have seen this competition atmosphere destroy many people, including myself. Also, the sports facilities only focus on big sports and have no place in their heart for the smaller sports teams.
I love the staff and created a bond with some of them. I am a little disappointed about the diversity of the school. There are only a handful of African Americans and sometimes i feel out of place. Other that that, the teachers that I had were nice and the teachers that a have now are nice as well.
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