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It was an ok district until it was time to discuss changes. They don't know how to handle sudden change or even effectively communicate with students and parents.
It was an overall great experience! I've interacted well with my teachers and never felt unsafe at any of the schools I attended. I always felt like we were the number one priority.
I am extremely involved at my school so my experience has been better. High school is really what you make of it. If you decide it's the worse place to be then that is all it will ever be. If you join clubs and get involved and carrying school spirit, going to any school can be an amazing experience.
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I would like to see a big change in support from Salem High school. The school spirit is lacking. The fun stuff is not done here and I would like, no LOVE to change that. We should have more fun activities like pep rallies, bowling nights, water ballon fights, quiz bowls, car washes, anything. Because right now school feels like a chore. Yes, we should focus on learning, but learning should be fun. They are preparing us to be unhappy and not look forward to learning new things. We should enable what we learn into fun activities that make me want to learn more. Make me eager to learn! Have a “Dunk-A-Teacher” contest if I get math problems right. Let’s make a rocket from scratch in chemistry. LETS HAVE FUN!! Prepare me for the real world, but also prepare me to be eager about knowledge. Knowledge is power. Many students don’t fail because it’s too hard, they fail because they have no motivation to continue on and do their assignments. Let’s change that!
Overall i like rockdale. They have some Very outstanding teachers. The school is full of creative minds that increase student participation.
I enjoyed my time at the Rockdale County Schools. I attended middle, high school, and the Career Acadamy and feel that I was well prepared for not only the next grade each year, but for life after graduation. The schools were well maintained, and being revamped during my senior year. The opportunities for job placement during and after school was an awesome opportunity to get one's feet wet and the AP classes helped many to skip first-year college course. I highly recommend Rockdale County schools, Heritage High School, Edwards Middle, and Sims Elementary.
I liked the fact that they had Tracks that you could focus on. I attended the school for performing arts in both middle and high school. I was also able to attend the career academy and do a 3-year Design major. The ability to enter the Move Up When Ready program and take 5 college classes was also a huge bonus. Overall, there are always challenges in school, but the Rockdale County System offered what I desired and has given me the foot up needed to now move on to college. Now I just need to find all the scholarships possible to attend the college of my dreams!
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it warm, welcoming and friendly Heritage was a supporting environment I felt respected and enjoyed my junior and senior years there
My experience with this school is that I’ve been attending it my whole life and it’s a pretty good school just something here and there that they need to fix up.
The elementary schools in Rockdale County are run very well. Teachers engage with the students and ensure a positive learning environment on a daily basis. Students are also clearly excited to learn. However, the middle schools and high-schools alike have poor administration and students that are highly unmotivated. This makes the middle schools and high-schools stressful for students. Overall, I do regret attending public school in Rockdale County.
My experience at Rockdale County High School was short but sweet. Since I am graduating a year early I won't be able to experience all four years of high school like everyone else but that's okay. I was on the JV basketball cheer team my ninth grade year, I really enjoyed myself and it was a great way to make friends my freshman year. I joined the ASL club my freshman year also for a year which was great also. What I would change about Rockdale High School is the overcrowded classrooms and the lunch options.
RCPS is okay....We need more involvement, more funds, and better instructors. The best that we have is at RCA and the Fine Arts at Heritage.
Rockdale County Public Schools provided me a decent educational experience. I would hope to see more diversity incorporated in the school system. More opportunities are being afforded to students and that is a good thing.
The Rockdale County Public School System is a great place. I love the environment and overall safety the school system provides. The student to teacher connection really makes students want to come to school to learn. Some things that could be changed are the incorporation of the S.T.E.M program. I think that scores would improve in science and math if more programs were integrated into the normal school day.
Rockdale has been awesome. There are many opportunities for students. As a student at Rockdale I was encouraged to try different things. My counselors were always supportive as I tried different pathways. Also the help with applying to college was excellent. My groin other districts were not as well informed as I was in Rockdale.
Rockdale County Schools has a variety of opportunities with a Business School(Salem), Fine Arts School(Heritage), and a Magnet Program(at Rockdale). All of these schools can attend Rockdale Career/College Academy, here you can receive certificates based on your pathway and take college courses throughout dual enrollment. Some pathways at RCA are Film, Healthcare, Welding, Construction, Graphic Design etc.
My experience at Rockdale was overall good I made some really good friends and also learned some really handy soft skill from some of my instructors. I also enjoyed the athletics at Rockdale. Most of our teams are playoff bound or barely miss the playoffs. Overall this school is great for anyone interested
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Rockdale has been an amazing place for me to learn and grow throughout my years here, i have noticed that the teachers and administration put a lot of effort into making sure that every student is ready to succeed. I don't have any problems with the district. I have fond memories of every school I went to.
There is nothing really extraordinary about my home school Heritage or the career academy I attend, RCA. However, I have not had any issues with any of the schools so it is not a bad experience.
I love Rockdale County Schools. The teachers and Administrators are great. One thing I appreciated was the online tutoring. My teachers were always there when I needed them.
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