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I have been attending a Rock Hill School since I was old enough to attend. Overall my experience has been very good. High School, Northwestern to be more specific, has been a little more difficult. I do not believe the school is as safe as it should be and the classes are rather large.
I like their teachers but we could improve on the administration. There many students that are turned down because of financial difficulties and administration either doesn't know or doesn't help
I've attended Rock Hill Schools since I was 4. The teachers who teach in Rock Hill are the absolute best. They're not only a teachers but they are a friend, mentor, and shoulder to lean on. All my teachers I've had I had a great bond with. The curriculum we learn in Rock Hill is great. Everything I've learned has connected with another class or helped me in life. Rock Hill School overall are pretty amazing. Some things I'd like to see change are more updated equipment. In my generation technology is what's commonly used. Our schools has the oldest equipments and the cause so much trouble. Our boards go completely out and our laptops crash constantly. I would also like to see the safety concerns change. The elementary school near my house has a gate but doesn't wrap around the back. Kids run back there all the time with no supervision. Lastly, I would like more mental health help for students. So many students stress about school and grades that it affects their mental.
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It was an overall good experience for me in this school district. I was able to take trips with the local high school band that I would not have been able to take alone with my family. One thing I wish they did more of was preparing for college interviews and scholarships research.
i like how u have a hour thirty min in class i go bye so fast and my friends and i like how the teachers help u with our school work
how the sport are and how good the teacher are and they need to to cook food more. and longer time t do work .
Rock Hill Schools offers many opportunities to live and follow a life you get to decide on. Rock Hill Schools offers different academics and electives to inspire your future interest. I wouldn't change anything about Rock Hill Schools because the people and kids is what makes this district.
The things i would like to see change is the dress code it does not have to be followed by everyone.
The schools, teachers, and other staff are great. However, the way classes were scheduled this year was not the greatest.
The teachers here were super helpful and really cared about your safety and life after college they will help anyone who is willing to be helped and always welcome alumni
It was okay. It was your typical public school. The best part about it was the teachers. they really make a difference in your education.
K-12 I have attended Rock Hill School District 3. I would have to say my experience in school has been so much fun. I loved every second of it. Teachers are amazing. Most teachers are concerned with your mental and physical well being and making sure you understand. I would have to say with not having as much money as surrounding districts, our schools are nicely put together and clean and organized. Reorganization of art by the District its something i always strive to achieve. Rock Hill Schools prepared me to start College of Charleston next year.
Rock Hill colleges are exciting to attend, contain lots of activities, and have all the majors that are of your interest.
They can be really helpful at times, but many times, they do not put students' needs above everything else.
School is a seemingly awful place no matter what school you go to it has it's ups and downs but I do enjoy Rock Hill schools in its attempts to make high school a less dark place. Thank you
I attend the public school for 12 years. I received my diploma for the district. Rock Hill Schools have changed and is not providing a number of opporunities for students to succeed and continue their education.
I was a student at rockhill high and it was a great experience.
We had great mentors and teacher to get through high school.
Counselor tried their best to keep us on the track.
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The teachers and staff will do whatever it takes to make their class a safe and learning experience.
I love the small community but I feel like even though it small they should still expand and connect with others around
Rock Hill High School is a school that I hated and also loved at the same time. Personally I loved some of my teachers mainly those in the IB program. My teachers were funny, smart, and helpful. Yet overall what I hated about Rock Hill High School was the lack of spirit and sometimes just administration's rules. It always felt like other schools had more fun with pep rallies, spirit weeks, and just school events overall. To be honest the Rock Hill Schools in general feel very unfair and divided. All three schools in the district have very differing characteristics, but in my personal experience it felt like Rock Hill High School was the worst. Northwestern had better programs, more supportive staff, and just better in school spirit. South Point also got great equipment for their news programs, new state of the art classroom, and better theater budget. In summary, I loved my experience at Rock Hill High School but when compared to the other schools it feels sub par.
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