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The education is not equal amongst all schools, socioeconomic status means a lot in this town. Discrimination is high in the more affluent side of town and it is not a very friendly city.
I have been a member of the Rochester Community Schools District for 13 years. Overall, the experience was good. However, the one thing I would like to see change is specifically at Rochester Adams High School. I think our school has a problem with admitting that there are cliques, and the administration likes to believe the students here are accepting of everyone. The problem is many kids have already formed group, and although they may not outright exclude someone else, there is an unspoken rule on who you can and cannot associate yourself with. Some kids have known each other since elementary school, and while that is great, I think many of the students could be more open to making new friends despite not knowing them as well, or if they think they're too different.
I think Rochester Community schools is an excellent place to learn, and does a great job in preparing the students for college and life. The only thing I would change is that it support the arts more.
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Good teachers and selection of classes. The buildings are okay, and there's a lot of clubs for different interests. A lot of AP classes available. The art department could use more funding, though.
It’s the best area ever you should go there because the students to the after school activities are all the best and I have been in this area for 8 years and I absolutely love it!
Rochester High School was a great school to attend. The administration is always making sure that the students are involved and having a successful life.
Great parent involvement. Awesome staff . Just had a lot of the building updated this past year. Diversity in involvement with sports, clubs and activities is vast. You feel a sense of community with the school
You see the horrible news headlines everywhere about this district? Its the same actually there. Bullying, sexual assault, and this website says the students are 19 to 1, but in reality its about 35 per classroom due to extreme layoffs. Why do they have layoffs? To save money? No. They got their millions of dollars in a loan they asked for, instead of improving all students academics, they chose to extremely favored athletes. New books? No. More computers? A little, but a clear favoritism for selective students. They act the way a one star school acts. Especially the administrators.
Being a student of the Rochester community schools district has been an honor. The faculty holds such a high standard for togetherness and good character. They have taught everyone to be accepting and to strive to reach your full potential. The atmosphere Rochester community schools had created is a welcoming and loving one. There is no other school that would make me feel as at home as Rochester does. The teachers and students both have taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life and I am forever grateful for that. Rochester community schools is a great community to be a part of.
Opportunities for all students with academic rigor, activities, clubs and sports. Facilitate community involvement especially for others who are less fortunate.
Its a good school that has many great teachers and staff. Our sports programs are good but can be better with the right coaching. The test scores for the SAT were above average which showed great improvement from last year. Most importantly, the school district is full of great kids who will work hard to do what they love and to learn more about life.
I enjoyed the many different opportunities my school has offered. I enjoyed being a part of the cheer program, and the many different activities that they have allowed us to be a part of. I appreciate that I am college ready as a senior, and I appreciate the focus on making a student well rounded. My school always strives for excellence in whatever they do.
I appreciate the extra help I have received along the way. I have an IEP and RCS has always allowed me to work on their team to come up with goals that not only challenged me but has always focused on becoming the person I am today. They have taught me to be a hardworking, assertive, determined individual.
I like all the programs they have to try and get you involved in to the community. They have a lot of racecourses for students to use. and if you every need help with anything there will always be someone that can help, whether if it's with studying, or just finding your way around. They also go a very good job to keep the buildings renovated. And the grounds are full of trees and plated flowers. There are many safety precautions put in place as well. You'll always feel safe A lot of effort is put in to making your learning experience as pleasant as possible, and it really shows.
Rochester Community School district is one of a kind. In this community you will find yourself in a diverse workplace like no other. You will be challenged and pushed to your limit but it will all be to improve you and your skills. Overall 100% recommend this district.
I am a student of Rochester Adams High School and the teachers here are supportive but RCS does not prepare students well for standardize tests. College preparation is well but they should provide an optional SAT/ACT class.
I liked that they try to get their best out of the students but a lot of the teachers are not the best at teaching.
They have good academics, offer a lot of AP classes. The schools are updated. There are some bad teachers that need to be removed.
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While being a student at Rochester Adams High School we are told over and over again about how lucky we are to be in this school district, and they are right. Everything, besides the food, is either at or above par. The teachers are helpful and the classes are interesting and education. not to mention the wonderful school sprit. From everything from football games to the theatre productions, students bring their Adams A game. I am proud to be a student at this wonderful school.
Rochester HS works very hard to prepare their students for college and beyond. If I could change anything. It would be for them to have more one on one time with a career counselor.
I have 2 high schoolers and 1 middle schooler. We have been in the district since pre-k. Our children have been preparing for life readiness in a nurturing and academically challenging environment. The staff is dedicated and caring. The community is supportive.
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