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This school is very family oriented and prides itself on being a "close-knit" foundation. I had a rocky experience here with all of the changes to administration and curriculum, but overall, the school is outstanding when everyone is getting along.
I graduated from Riverview High school in 2014. When I graduated from there the school was pretty decent when it came to academics, but lacked a lot in the technology department. When I graduated the school was making online more standard for classes that graduated after 2014. I liked the school for the most part there was just a lack of college preparation.
I would like some of the staff to be more ready when certain situations happen. For example an active shooter drill, if it was real instead of a drill the kids would be more serious about it. Also, some teachers hand us worksheets without explaining how to do it then get's mad when we fail the test cause it looks bad on them. The parents need to raise their kids a lot better. Most bully and disrespect others which is not right.
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Absolutely hatred. teachers dont give a crap about students. Teachers dumber that the no brain students. Bullies like crazy, noone behaves, they teach bad habits, NEVER GO THERE unless you wanna find out your kid started cussing at 6, theyre basically all perves, dont send youre kids.
I like that Riverview cares for each of its students. Every teacher is kind and always addresses their kids by the first name. I think that having that kind of relationship with your students makes them want to show up for school every day.
The school had many things to offer. There were many different extracurricular activities and also many opportunities to have tutors and extra help when school let out. The teachers never shied away from anything and they were always there to help. The music department was really great considering the size of the school district. My kids will be attending here in the future.
The experience could've been better but I made it though. I personally wish that the food could've had a little more flavor. Also that the faculty cared about all programs equally, not just football, basketball, soccer, baseball, or volleyball. The school seems very dull and doesn’t have as much excitement as other schools do in other nearby places. There is not at much school spirit that there should be becuae I think most people really don’t care anymore. If there would’ve been a little bit more interesting things going on in the school there is a better chance Riverview wouldn’t be labled dysfunctional or “Riverzoo”.
Riverview has a great choir and amazing art students, there are tons of talented kids here. Some teachers here are great others are okay, it just depends on the person or how their day is going. Food here is not that great, there's a small amount that is given to the students at lunch and breakfast. But we did start an after school program for students who don't drive and who's parents couldn't pick them up until after 5 pm.
The teachers are really helpful. The food is okay and there are lots of clubs and activities for the students to get involved in. The school has a very friendly atmosphere. The schedules are really flexible so you're very likely to get the classes you want.
I liked the sports and the clubs at Riverview, i would change the academic system at Riverview it seems that the teachers are only here for there paycheck and don't really care about the students at all.
Riverview School District has offered many great experiences for me and other students throughout the years. I started as a Raider when I was in Kindergarten. The environment of the school has always been great and the teachers have been such a blessing in my life. I personally have loved my experience with Riverview School District and I will definitely miss this District once I graduate.
Riverview is both challenging and fun. Its like a family. Once you are here you won't want to leave. You learn very well because the teachers work one on one if necessary and they make sure that every student has the chance to succeed. Riverview is the best school that I have been to in the White County District. If I had the choice to move to another school or stay here I would most defiantly stay at Riverview. I know its a Family. Its a home.
I started Riverview High school my junior year. At first, I was very nervous but the students welcomed me in no time. The teachers were great with students and always willing to help.
I graduated from Riverview, and now have 3 Children currently enrolled!!! Love the teachers and the surroundings !!!
I liked being able to do different extra auricular activities like band and art and having a big support system for each activity.Being this one big family that strives together.
I find Riverview School District as a good place for my education. All the teachers are pretty good. I like go there; it is a great place. I am so grateful of being part of it. I remember when I moved to this country from Mexico. Then I started to study at Riverview High School, where all people there helped me so much. I am so grateful with everyone especially with my teachers. Also, I enjoy to be part of the soccer team with excellent teammates and a awesome coach. I highly recommend to study there. I have a great experience at Riverview School District. I can not be in a better place.
Everything is GREAT!!!! The school is full of fun and friendly staff and students. The selection of classes are great. If I had children living in the area, I would highly recommend them attending Riverview High School.
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I like the friendships and the encouragement, but the teachers don’t teach they just expect you to already know something you’ve never seen before .
I have went to Riverview my whole life. Riverview is now a part of me. I cannot imagine attending another high school. I know all my teachers and staff. I am comfortable where I am. I have friend that encourage me or help me when I am feeling down. I love to attend the soccer games they have after school. It is a relaxation after a hard day at school. Riverview offers many classes and I am currently taking AP Statistics, AP World History, AP Biology, AP Literature, Honor Choir, and Medical Terminology. They are not easy classes, but I have teachers that are willing to help me. I like to be active in school activities and clubs. I am in art club, beta club, and FCCLA. I am thankful to have an education. My experience at Riverview has been challenging, but also fun. I am thankful to attend Riverview High School.
I love Riverview. I have gone here since 1st grade and left to try other schools. I came back in 7th grade and have not left since. I enjoy all of my teachers and love the environment of Riverview Schools.
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