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Riverside was a good school growing up, but it lacked in preparing me for the real world. Much of the school's materials and equipment are subpar and outdated. The school lacks funding for a better set up, so all things considered this was a good school to graduate from.
Riverside is a great small school where you can be involved in many activities. This environment gives students the chance to be active in all different aspects of the school and be known by not only the student body but administration as well. The superintendent is extremely involved and very personable. If the student makes an effort there is many opportunities to stand out in extracurricular activities.
I had a great experience going to elementary, middle, and high school. There was a strong sense of community.
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The Teachers are very helpful. Small enough that bullying is very rare. Riverside does have slight money problems so they tend to be a little cheap. Some of the classes can reach 32 students because the school couldn't hire more teachers. Considering the size of the school there is a pretty good variety of classes with several specialized classes like shop class. Riverside does offer some AP and college courses in the classes such as English and Math. In general the sports teams are not very good. Overall I had no big problems and I enjoyed taking classes with all the teachers.
The one thing I liked the most about the Riverside School District is the teachers. I have always had nothing but great teachers who truly care for their students and believe in them. I would like to see the change in the way they handle bad student behavior.
Riverside is a great school for making close friends and having long friendships; however, I believe that it is rather mediocre in academia. The teachers are great teachers it just seems as though the school itself is lesser. There is not a lot of options for classes and that obviously comes with a smaller school because they don't get as much funding. Small schools such as Riverside also make it easier to be close to the teachers so students will be more willing to talk in class.
Riverside is a school badly in need of improvement. They don't have the funding they need to keep up with bigger schools. I'd love to see the FFA programs come back. Roberta Kramer did a great job trying to destroy the programs that the school had. They need to stop focusing so much on their crappy sports team and focus more on skills based learning. I would not attend this school again, given the chance.
I have been going to Riverside for 12 years, and have always had a pleasant experience with the faculty and administration. There is always room for improvement, but one thing I would like them to focus on would be showing a more understanding code of conduct.
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