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My time here was enjoyable most of the time. I enjoyed most of the teachers and most of the classes. However, there aren't many opportunities because it's such a small school.
My experience so far has been amazing, at first I don’t know what to expect but when I started to see and tour the campus of RCC it’s amazing the people here aren’t annoying and teachers get you involved and care. They’ll take the time to talk to you schedule a meeting with you if you have a problem they honestly care. The faculty in the welcome center and library are nice they’ll try to help you with getting a meeting with a counselor and a room for study activities. RCC is an amazing school I recommend it to anyone who wants to start off they’re careers.
I have gone to Riverside my entire life and have finally hit my senior year. With a new high school comes new opportunities for the school to take advantage of, and it gives the students a chance to experience something they would not have otherwise. The great staff and teachers put a smile on my face on most days and offer a very friendly learning environment. The only thing I would change would be the way we are prepared for education after high school. Our counselor could do more for us and ready us by teaching us how college is and how to fill out scholarships and things like that.
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As a freshmen I am not very involved in school yet, do my answers my not be the most accurate. From what I do know is that the district can maintain itself well.
It is easy to get to know teachers because you have them for multiple years. The teachers also make the school that much better since they want to help students succeed.
I love our school and how close everyone is. We are one big family. The only thing I would want to add would be more academic celebrations. We have so many smart students and I think that we need to begin celebrating that.
I have enjoyed my time at Riverside City College, and excited to see what the next term has in store. The classes are interesting and challenging, and I get to meet new people while exploring my educational path and potential careers.
I have gone to Riverside my entire life and I have loved it. I couldn't ever imagine going to a different school. As a whole we are a very welcoming school and there is a place for everyone. The teachers will go out of the way to help you. They will ask you to come in before or after school or maybe if you have a study hall to give the extra help you may need to understand something. The community is also so involved with the school and extra activities. Our school is a family, we come together for everything no matter what.
Riverside City College can be very helpful if you plan accordingly. Do not take any summer or winter sessions off and you will be able to transfer within two years. It is very cheap and if you are active on campus you will have a fun time at this college.
IT HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD LIFE EXPERIENCE AND AMAZING EDUCATION. I have felt very connected to the school and the professors are not fake , they help students very well. Counselors are very helpful and always making sure that the students are on the right path to education. There are a lot of clubs and tutoring. The tutoring is very helpful. I have gone to a tutoring almost twice a week and i have gotten tremendous help.
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