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The school is very anti-parent, they wait until late in 3rd grade to introduce science and spelling, and they either pretend to not have your kids records, or completely refuse to give them to you.
I loved the districts support in the music departments of their schools, and I loved the teachers overall. The teachers are always willing to push their students because they see hidden potential that their students have.
I really liked how small the school was and how you got to know everyone individually. Being at this school since I was in kindergarten, I can name almost every person that I see walking through the halls. Being in this kind of environment makes going to school feel like home.
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I am a junior attending Ripon College. I like the school system because while it is determined to help students reach their goals and graduate it also gives them the chance to enjoy themselves and engage in any and all programs offered.
If you don’t care if your child’s teacher ever responds to your correspondence via email or hand-written note..then Ripon Barlow Park school is for you (and specifically Metoxen and Weise are the teachers for your children). If you enjoy your children being called by formal full names rather than what you prefer them to be called and an environment where rules are posted everywhere (picture coded for kindergartens) well then your little conformist will feel right at home! I’m truly saddened to hear that there will now be even less accountability going forward in 2019-2020 onward now that Barlow Park will also be a circus (oh excuse me) “charter” school. Disgusting. I will drive my kids to another district rather than have a repeat experience or worse.
In my experience there, they care more about their own reputation than about the students in the building. They put kindergartners in a fire drill during the polar vortex.
My experience her was overall good. My mom was in the hospital and they helped me with that A LOT. Although, the culture of the school is not very good. The academics and "environment" is.
I would like to see the sports program to change. That it’s actually based on your skills and not how much money or if you have the right last name.
Pretty good school for such a small town. Most of the teachers are very kind and helpful. The office people can be a pain to deal with though.
The teachers and academics are fit for anyone who goes there, giving the ability for the students to grow and find themselves. When it comes to sporting events and other activities the students really get into it and show lots of school spirit. The whole student body and teachers are involved every year in homecoming, FBLA week, the school plays and many other assemblies/activities that are planned by both students and teachers.
Great expereince as a volunteer/intern there. Not sure I would have wanted to attend the school though..
While it's large enough to give a few choices, and small enough that you still almost know anyone, I hate it with everything in me. I have learned nothing in my time here, and the management/course selection in no way helps you to succeed. Discipline is wildly skewed, with good students making one mistake receiving far more consequences than students who don't care breaking the law every day. National Honor Society is a joke with absolutely no activities to make it worthy of calling itself an NHS chapter and zero knowledge of procedure. I open enrolled here instead of attending Markesan School District, but I urge anyone who has any other option to seek it out. The school is very definitely gilded, seeming great on the outside, but the inside is awful.
Good school district.very nice people and welcoming environment.the diversity is a little low but they are working on it.thw food is nutritious and health for the kids
The teachers need to help prepare students for college more. Some succeed well with this, others seem to not care about the rigor of their classes. There is also a problem with not having students stay focused during work time. The environment is overall great, we have a good sense of togetherness, and there are plenty of after school and extra curricular activities to choose from.
I had a very good experience with the RASD. I enjoyed the small class sizes and it was easy to meet new people and the community is very supportive!
Ripon Area School District is overall a very affective district. Ripon pushes their students to their full potential, if the student is willing. A lot of things are offered at Ripon. The room for improvement is informing the students of all the things they do offer.
I HATED Ripon High school! I should have left at the end of last year when I had the chance. The counselor screwed me over by giving me the classes that I "needed" at the last second, didn't listen to anything I was trying to tell her, on my ass about grades when I was having major health problems, lies, and didn't help me when people were giving me a hard time in a class that I had. Most of the people there (not teachers) were jerks and rude. My teachers were the only ones trying to help me out and I wasn't even able to graduate because I was so behind. I'm warning you DO NOT ATTEND RIPON HIGH SCHOOL! They will make your life there a living HELL!!
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I really enjoyed my experience at Ripon High School! Ripon had a lot more opportunities than the school I previously attended. When I transferred, everyone was very welcoming and it did not take much time to make friends. All of the teachers were very welcoming and knowledgeable on their subjects. I wouldn't choose any other school!
Many of the teachers are great when it comes to students that are in need of help. They are willing to take the time after school or during their prep hour to help out. Also, student life is plentiful and very diverse.
It is a small community where everyone knows everyone. Being a small community means that there are graduating classes of roughly 100 people. This allows for one-on-one time with teachers and good communication throughout the school on how well someone is doing or where someone is struggling. Small communities like Ripon Area School District allow the children attending these schools to have a larger advantage than the children in larger schools and districts.
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