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Students lean privileged and it shows. I do recall this school having multiple scandals, one of which with college admissions involving the final exams.
The opportunities at RHS are endless. There is something for everyone from political clubs, entrepreneurship, advocacy, volunteer, sports and just about everything. The opportunities, rigorous academics and open campus allows for students to prepare for college. The school is a strong believer in inclusivity and it is embedded into the culture at the HS. I would highly recommended Ridgewood to any incoming student.
I like my school because the teachers are extremely committed to their students and always ready to help.
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The teachers are supportive of everything I do. They care so much about their students academic performance. They are willing to stay after school to help your out until you completely understand the curriculum.
Great community. I love how people care about other cultures and other people. People share a lot of different interests which makes things even better. I would not change a thing because the mayor thinks about us students, and our district is clean.
This school is a cesspool of everything bad about Ridgewood, the sporty white kids, the families that only move for academics and then leave, the school high pressure to succeed amount other things make this place a terrible situation for any person’s mental health.
Ridgewood is a very strong public school system. Music and Arts, and Athletics are very strong. Parents are very involved int he school programs and support them. My kids have had a good experience.
Great schools from k-12. The field trips are unforgettable. The elementary buildings are newer. The high school is beautiful, there are many clubs and top tier scholastic sports. The only problem is that there is never parking spaces at the high school.
Ridgewood High school provides a great education for students and has teachers who will stay after and continuously work with their students to help them succeed. Though, students have to reach out to their advisors rather than their advisors reaching out to them about anything college related.
The teachers are really good for the most part. There are some issues with many of the language teachers. The academic performance of kids is good on standardized testing. The classes are challenging.
The teachers care so much about the students. They take time to make sure they are always available period nine. If someone is struggling they will make them a priority.
Education is very high for a public school. Teachers treat the students like family and the students actually enjoy and look forward to going to school in the morning.
Ridgewood Public Schools are great. At Ridgewood High School, all student are offered a surplus of opportunities and are given all the resources needed to achieve success in the future. There is an encouraging and motivating environment for learning.
During my experience at Ridgewood High School, I was heavily involved in the school's music and arts program, specifically concert band and marching band. I also participated in dance organizations associated with the music program. Ridgewood is well-known for its excellent academics and music programs, and I am very lucky to have been a part of both academic and extracurricular programs under the instruction of superior teachers.
I have had over 20 years of being a Ridgewood public school parent and I am still recommending friends to move here to take advantage of the love of teaching our children were lucky to receive. Every school system has peer pressured problems but if you involve your child in any of our art, music or academic clubs you and your child will a feel deep sense of community. Specifically, our music programs bring out the best in our children, from deep exposure to gifted artists sharing their talents, to cross age mentoring Ridgewood identifies, guides and embraces your child’s talents. Though, the parent/caregiver should be involved and ask questions for you child, because there are so many opportunities that some are missed if you don’t do your research.
I like the competitive academic environment because it motives me. However, I dislike that students can check their grades at any given time because it creates a panic.
Overall, I have loved my time at RHS. It is a very welcoming environment. The staff and teachers are always willing to help and only want the best for you. The campus itself is large and beautiful. The academics challenge students on a healthy level as well.
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Ridgewood High School is overall a great place. All the teachers and students are respectful, but there are some flaws with the school. Most of the teachers I’ve had are poor, and they often teach in careless ways. However they’re all very nice people. The students here are mostly white, and they pretty much live in their own little bubble.
The teachers were great and so were the students. I felt like I received a great education. The teachers were always personal with their students and always worked to make sure that everyone succeeded.
I came to the high school with some apprehension since I was used to being with familiar teachers in my middle school, but I quickly found that I felt welcomed by all of my teachers and peers. I have flourished academically and feel that I will be prepared for college.
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