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Richmond Heights Local School District Reviews

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Well here is the thing the school needs a lot of improvement for instance. The teachers are good but they need to teach harder material so that we can be ready for college
There making a new school so that helps the quality but before this was a horrendous school, bad security staff and rowdy students. Disgusting halls, hopefully the new school will be better.
The faculty cares about the success of their students. If I could change anything I would increase the work load and intensify the curriculum to better prepare students for college.
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Mostly what I liked about Richmond Heights were some of the teachers, that actually took time to make sure that you were understanding everything given to you and those who had positive attitudes. What I woke change is the teachers who would just teach but not actually make sure the students comprehend what they are saying,also i would change the cleanliness of the school.
Very Great experience! Able to obtain a great GPA while being a participant in many organization around Cleveland! Teachers and faculty, great support and encourage.
I would like to see more clubs and activities for the because we don't have no type of clubs at my school. The food could be bette because its not that great at all. The school needs to teach us students on more up to date academics, the very important academics I need in life because the classes are way too easy. The school in overall needs a new building.
Richmond heights school district is okay, i feel that it could be better with finding teachers to teach the students.
My experience was pretty okay. However, Richmond heights as a whole is very unorganized isn't consistency; meaning that they don't inform the students or the parents about things until the day of the event. They also have financial issues.
Richmond heights schools is getting better year by year I remember back when I first started to go to Richmond it wasn't that good but now it's a better school to go to.
Not hard to make friends, you just have to find where you fit. Administration and teachers are nice but not all are good at their job. High School administration some times child like tendencies. Select teachers care for the students, select are just there for a check. Luckily they have post secondary options. By the sophomore year student are interviewing to be apart of the career consortium or taking college courses. Not a dangerous place at all. Food is not bad. Not too many clubs that can be joined, but everyone is welcomed to do athletics. Softball and Baseball are petitioned every year, baseball usually fields a team. Not too high on school spirit and the persona of the school depreciated from what it was when I attended. Graduation rate is very low for a small district, but there is a lot that can be taken away from a place like this.
The only thing I enjoyed about my experience was the athletics. Academics, school spirit, activities and clubs were all fields I wanted to see improvements in. Also our facilities needed some upgrading.
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