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The teachers and staff members have been very helpful and are generally dedicated to helping students succeed.
I wish more students could be seen for who they are and their accomplishments. It’s really easy for some students but for a lot they are basically just someone attending this school. It’s been so easy to just fade into the background.
Richland High school is a big school and big on academics with a small town feeling. The history and traditions this school has give you the high school experience a memory you had hoped for. They have a variety of high school electives and college readiness class that can help guide you into that next step of where you might want to study further. The teachers are willing involved in the school outside of class and do what they can to help you complete and feel successful. The athletics are very competitive at this school and somewhere that all student body and parents want to support even if you are not athletic. The athletic director is very fair in all sports and support that is given from football to tennis. Coaching to equipment and support is all equally evaluated in his eyes.
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The district didnt try that hard when it came to the class of 2020's graduation. They don't even care about it the district just wants money, hopefully the superintendent does a better job.
I love being in the Richland school district. I’ve had staff that actually care about helping me succeed in the classroom and in life. I’ve had the best coaches in my sports and I’ve had support in everything that I do. Richland school district is a great place to be and I’m grateful to be a part of such an amazing district.
I grew up in the Richland School District since I was in pre-school. The Richland School District has allowed me, among thousands of other students, to get a free education, have access to school meals- breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks, and have a safe place to stay after school while they wait for the bus or a parent to pick them up. Richland School District has made mine and my families experience enjoyable, convenient and safe through the classes provided, programs offered and the administrators and teaching staff being approachable and supportive for their students.
The school district has been rather good and there is a good sense of community in the schools. However, communication can be lacking sometimes and the English departments need more structure.
Richland School District is incredible. The academics are wonderful, with a great staff and incredibly talented students. The athletics are also exceptional, with Richland Schools often winning local championships, and even performing well at State-wide competitions. The Richland School District is talented in the arts as well. I have had the opportunity to participate in each of these areas, and have been given the ideal circumstances to thrive and excel in each. With great teachers and coaches, Richland School District is a great place to grow up! The only thing I would change is the student leadership. As with most large schools, student leadership is only available to the most "elite" and "popular", and the leadership teachers often fail to hold their students accountable to mistakes that cost the school hundreds of dollars.
The Richland School district has been a wonderful place to grow up in and its initiative to grow and improve is inspiring. As for things I would like to see change is that it has a little more consideration for the student's perspective in certain matters and not just that of the higher-ups. Any change can be positive if it is done with time and care. Being a very involved student myself, I would like to see more clubs and teams being able to reach the younger generations so that they can have the best and most rich experience possible when they enter high school. That being said, you could say the same thing from a middle school perspective though they do a better job of it now.
I have enjoyed my schooling in the Richland School District. The education and teachers in the district are amazing and all students in the district are given the best education and opportunities to learn with personal laptops and virtual learning options. The schools in the district have excellent sports teams and facilities as well as coaches. The music programs offered in the district are quite impressive and many students in the district strive to perform at the next level in state competitions.
I like the Richland School district. They have so many resources students can use. The teachers are very kind and always helping students. The schools are very nice and taken care of. The sports are good and there are many activities you can be apart of. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of diversity we have.
Being part of Richland school district has been an excellent experience for me. I especially enjoy that the arts are valued. My school middle and high schools (Enterprise and Hanford) have put on excellent musicals and plays. Additionally, the teachers seem to be supported more than in many other districts.
I would say the Richland School District definitely cares about their students. Teachers who work here make sure their students receive what they need to succeed and successfully move on to the next grade. The district does what it can to lower prices and make it affordable for students to do sports, music and eat lunch. The district does their best to make sure all students are in a safe environment and always do what they can to never put a student in an unsafe predicament. The district always makes decisions with their students in their minds.
My experience in the Richland school district has been great. I've lived in the Tri-cities all my life, and all the schools that I have gone to have a great staff that are willing and happy to help you.
The Richland School District has provided me with a well rounded education that I feel has prepared me well for college. I have gone to school through this district since I was in elementary school, and I can honestly say that they have continued to provide me with endless resources and opportunities in order to help me succeed.
I love the teachers and how they actually care about the students benefits rather than their own. The staff is always very kind and full of light. They offer great classes and are genuine about the reasons for working in a school which brings a healthy and easy to learn in environment.
Richland has great academics and amazing sports teams. I went to Richland high school from 2014 to 2018. I was a cheerleader for the Bombers which was a unique and remarkable experience. I was lucky enough to go to two football state championships and two basketball state championships. I cheered for the Bombers at the 2018 State Football game where we won 1st in state. Academics were unparallel. I was in honors classes until junior year when I started with the running start program. Richland School District has two running start options with Columbia Basin College, and Washington State University. The program was well organized and had excellent communication with the schools it partnered with. The years I spent at Richland High are unforgettable.
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My overall experience in the Richland school district has been good. I have had my share of bad teachers but the good teachers are more frequent. The programs and classes at my school allow people to get a lot of experience and knowledge. The administrators are all awesome! They have each student in their best interest. My counselor has hundreds of students and she’s memorized all of our names and knows most everyone personally. The principles and top administrators are all great people who work hard for the students. The culture of my high school is above average in quality. We have a lot of people who value knowledge and education.
Very great time here at Richland School District. I’ve been here since elementary school and our infrastructure is incredible.
Richland High School is a very diverse high school that provides a culture that you'll never want to forget. You really feel like you are in your own little community with the other students and teachers. Getting involved in the school really helps you experience the true high school experience that everyone strives to have. We make sure that everyone feels welcomed and involved in everything that our school has to offer. At most sporting events there are a lot of alumni that come to support the school. They come dressed ready for school spirit even after years out of high school.
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