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Richland School District No. 1 Reviews

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What I liked about Richland School District No.1 was the genuine consideration of my peers, staff, and faculty.
What I would like to see change are thee myth stereotypes of Richland School District No. 1.
I liked that the teachers actually wanted to see students succeed. I would like the students' attitude towards learning to change.
It has been a challenging yet enjoyable experience. Some decisions that are made by Richland one I disagree with, but overall I have been pleased with the way Richland One has kept things in order.
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The overall experience is good. I would like to see more diversity and equality among all the schools with in the district.
I’ve been a student in this district for my whole life. Because I haven’t attended any other schools , I can’t grade this district as any more than what the average district may be.
I loved my Elementary years. The Forest Acres acres has the best schools around. Best teachers. hated my middle school years. The dress code was ridiculous. High school, I didn’t feel safe. To much fighting and, always wondering if drugs use was being used on campus.
I have had a great experinece from being in Richland School District 1. I feel like I have been offered great opportunitys to help me succeced within school and outside of school. My guidence consulors have done a great job to prepare me for life outside of high school.
The school district is a great learning environment and has lots of amazing teachers and administrators. The learning is great and involved with the students. One thing that I believe could be improved is The arts and music programs as they seem to be small and not as largely supported as say the sports.
My experience has been pretty good I suppose, since this is the district that I’ve been exposed to the most
Richland School district one sometimes makes decisions without thinking them through first but I believe in the future the district will improve. Overall Richland District one is a pretty decent district.
Our experience has been good. I think the most important thing to do, is to be attentive to school work and school activities. Be the advocate for just your child but all the children. Everyone advised us to move her another school District and I'm glad I went with my instincts. She has had some wonderful teachers who has taken time to help her.
Aside from the occasional technology hiccup, Richland One is an amazing district that I've been lucky to be apart of since Pre-K.
There’s definitely a lot of opportunities for learning, both in and out of class however it would be great if there were more options in terms of exploring the fine arts; people seem to just be put into random classes that may not matter much to them
Richland One is a good school district. Ever since I got here, it been great. Diversity and academics plays a big part.I attend A.C. Flora High School, we have International Day in March to show the different cultures. The things we can improve at each school is our securities and school lunch.
Richland one provides all students with a chance to succeed later on in life. Starting in elementary school and all the way to high school they provide top class teachers and resources that allow each and every student to succeed. The teachers are very nice and challenge the students in class with questions that will help them see what they need to work on or study.
RIchland 1 is a good district but, if I am mainly focusing on my school it isn't the best. I feel that my school doesn't offer enough programs and or activities for the students. I attend Columbia High and the school is probably one of the worst in the district. Our overall scoring for the school isn't the best and I'm blaming the students and the district for not offering a better school system for us.
I really like my school district. It's expanding the learning pipeline, becoming more technology-based and career-based which is good. However, I say four stars because they're starting all of this when I'm beginning to graduate! Some of the things they're implementing might've been very beneficial to me when I was growing as a student. The only other complaint I have is how slow things take to be put into effect. The systems they're just implementing now were being planned three to four years ago! However, I do like my school district. They're trying they're best and I can give them four stars for that. At least my sister will get a taste of what's new in the district..
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In my school district, the rules continue to change and nothing is really consistent. As students, we are not really aware of any events that are taking place until the day before they even happen. My district doesn't seem to offer the specific tools that I need to better my education and they don't really seem to care about if we are actually learning but more rather our behavior and other irrelevant topics. This may sound a little bias but the students are not always the problem. The adults sometimes allow certain things to happen which only affects the student body, not the adults.
The teachers are great and they really care about their students and the students are great. Everyone works together to be successful.
I went to Ac flora high school and it was very slack with everything. I feel like i didnt learn enough of what i needed to continue to college
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