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This is a great school for academics, sports, the arts, and college preparedness. Although it lacks diversity and the parents are very cliquish.
The schools are nice. New facilities have been built, making it appear more modern and appealing. The education here is pretty good. There are graduates from Revere who go on to high ranking colleges. However, the school body lacks diversity and support for minorities. Most of the school is white, sometimes leading to bullying and racism. Most of the teachers are nice, however, there are a handful of teachers who do not know what they are doing, and some even treat students quite horribly.
I have gone to Revere Local Schools for 12 years now. Over these 12 years, I’ve seen diverse ways of teaching and handling situations. To start off on a good note, Revere has taught me a impressive education for a public school and valuable tips for college. Not only that, Revere taught me indirectly how to handle myself in situations and prepare myself for a college setting. Overall, Revere is a great school but, like all schools, has a few issues. The biggest issue in the school is limits to school pride. We have many restrictions on how we are allowed to support our athletic clubs. Some are very understandable but others go too far with how much we can support the teams. Revere Local Schools have taught me all of what I needed to know and has proved to be a great school for a even better education.
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I have been enrolled in the Revere Public School district since kindergarten. There were so many different paths I could take to achieve my academic success. The CCP program that Revere offers, really helped me with my college readiness. The honors and AP courses really pushed me to strive to be a better student and complete a rigorous course while still being engaged in sports, clubs, and other activities. All these sports helped me learn teamwork, dedication, how to be a leader, and to strive to be the best. There are many clubs and after school activities I could be apart of. Being involved in clubs such as NHS and class council, I was able to show myself being an active member in our school. At Revere I always felt safe no matter the situation. Revere has taken many measures to make their students feel safe. I’m glad I could be apart of such an amazing school with such a diverse group of amazing people. Overall my experience at the Revere District was unforgettable and amazing.
I am proud to be graduating from Revere High School in 2020. I have received a wonderful education through this school district, and I feel fully prepared for college and the world. The teachers and administration are highly supportive of the students and want to see each and every one of them succeed. The district is taking major steps to improve its learning facilities, building a new elementary school and a new high school by the fall of 2020. However, there is a lack of diversity in the district. But, the district is constantly looking to improve itself and provide the best learning environment for its students.
Revere Local School District is a fabulous school for kids to go to. Teachers actually care about their students and push them to succeed both in and out of the classroom. They prepare students for college. I would like to see Revere work on making students ready for the "real world" though.
I loved the variety of classes and the diversity. This school district provided me with several challenging courses to choose from, and all of the teachers were excellent.
The staff at Revere schools are beyond helpful and are always pushing students to do their best. Anytime I went to the office or a teacher for assistance they always helped me and provided me with extra resources for the future. They also provide students with a terrific education. I am now a first year college student at OSU and they more than prepared me for college.
During my time at Revere, I have made many connections with a variety of students and staff. The faculty are also always willing to help. Since it is a small school, basically all of the students know each other, which makes the school more of a community. I like that there is something for everybody to participate in, whether it’s a sport, art, or club. I also like the fact that all of the students and staff support each other, and that students can have a voice. For example, I am a member of the student council and a think tank run by the superintendent. We are allowed to give our opinions in attempt to make the school a better place. Overall, Revere is a great school district with many opportunities.
The Revere School District is a fairly good school. It belongs to a large area and spans over parts of more than 3 cities. The staff at the Revere Schools range greatly. Some teachers go above and beyond to help their students well-being, while others lack to take care of their students.
Revere has good and challenging academics. It's also a very safe school. There are plenty of resources as well. All around it's a good community.
Drugs/Vaping is a big issue that the administration talks about cracking down on but fails miserably to do so.
Revere High School is a great place to get prepared for college courses. The teachers take time to help students in need outside of school hours.
Having gone to Revere for four years, I have come to know the school very well. I am in AP and honors classes for the most part, and my experience with the teachers has been largely positive. Every teacher is willing and happy to help you to improve or explain something in a different way if you do not understand something. The administration is ok and pretty average overall. All the AP classes meet the College Board’s requirements for college readiness. There is even an AP class dedicated to increasing the quality of your writing to the college level.
This school is not diverse at all. Most of the staff is more concerned with improving their own teaching abilities rather than helping students. The Board of Education does not care about the students considering just a week ago there were three student accidents on the way to school.
There were some classes and aspects of the school that could have used improvement, but overall my school experience was pretty good
Revere has a very supportive and understanding staff. Many of them will go out of their way to help their students. They try to develope relationships with the kids and just make them feel at home. They have impeccable service, most if not all the teachers are great at their jobs. Sports wise, Revere is very supportive. The team is almost always loved and encouraged to "go out there and get um." Respect is exemplified by again most if not all of the staff. It is even taught through the children's experience at the school. Overall Revere is a wonderful and supportive school district.
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I would have school start later, more like 8:30 instead of 7:30. I also wish that the practice fields for sports were turf.
Being a Senior at Revere High School I feel extremely well prepared for the rigors of college. I also feel Revere High School was very vital in the process of shaping me as an individual and as an athlete. The teachers and administrators always encourage new ideas and beliefs to be openly discussed.
No diversity among staff and students at least what I saw in the high school.somewhat conservative environment. I don't like the way students are treated either. The teachers put some on special needs when they don't need to be and tell you in roundabout way that you are stupid and favor some students over others. Some students are spoliled brats. Academics is not much of problem.The history being taught is biased.math and science are taught in good way. Our technology is behind.
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