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Renville County West School District Reviews

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I love RCW! The students and staff are great people and are always willing to help each other out. Hopefully I will be sending my kids here one day. The only downfalls are that the lunches are not good and the sports programs are sort of struggling.
Overall Renville County West is a great school to attend ! Super small school so it is easy to really connect with everyone and get one on one with the teachers if you are struggling
RCW is a great school. Teachers are interested in the students learning. Some classes are harder than other but those classes create great study habits for college. The small population allows the teacher to build their relationship with the teachers. They give the opportunity for everyone to succeed and not to give up when things get hard. There a few clubs available to the students that bring positive message.
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There are 50% of the teachers who really care and are very good at their jobs and the other 50% who don't even teach and are just there to get paid. Overall, the whole system isn't great, but it is decent in comparison to the surrounding schools. The facilities however, have been renovated many times very recently. So that aspect of this school is pretty nice, but it is still a pretty old building.Like with most educational foundations, you get out of it what you try to take away.
The school needs to quit advertising that they are a "Anti bully free" school. The last two year my son has been bullied by the same kid. And it feels like nothing is happening to fix it. And it's very young ages that are being the bully and being the one bullied.
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