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Reeds Spring R-IV School District Reviews

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Loved the teachers! I made lots of friendships with them as well. Favoritism is a big issue in the school though. Especially with the athletes
Overall, the school itself is a good school. Most of the teachers genuinely care about learning but some don’t actually take time to teach the kids.
I feel like overall Reeds Spring Highschool was a very average learning experience. They did not prepare students for the next step whatsoever as well as very mediocre staffing. There were about 3-4 staff that seemed to actually excel in their jobs but overall was not the greatest. Our facilities were actually above average and the school was well kept and up to date vs all the other ones in the area. Everything else was very below average and I did not feel as if the staff would listen to the students on how they felt under taught and not ready for the real world.
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I like how as a senior you can take the work study class and only be at school for the classes you need and the rest of the time you can be at work. I also like how great the teachers are, our math and science teachers especially. They are always willing to come in before school and stay after school to help tutor students.
I've gone to Reeds Spring School District since I started school. Overall I've had a pretty good experience. I've really enjoyed being apart of the band, which was definitely the best part of my high school experience. The teachers are generally friendly. Some things could be better though, there is a lot of pressure and so much to do that high school especially can be overwhelming. I think Reeds Spring, as well as other schools, should consider how students feel having so much to do in and out of school. They should account for people who have trouble in school, anxiety, or something else.
I've been here my whole life and it's been a good experience good teachers good environment good sports team.
Through Reeds Spring I have made friendships life long friendships with both peers and teachers. What I loved most about the district was the passion many of the faculty had with seeing students achieve and building relationships with them. This includes all teachers, coaches, custodians, cooks, counselors, principles, and everything in between. I would like to see a change in funding for other activities other than sports (primarily football). The choir still uses robes from the 80's and the marching band has not gotten new uniforms in who knows how long while several sports teams get new uniforms each year. Several students have qualified for Nationals in Speech and Debate and/or made it to Globals in Destination Imagination but have had to come up with the funds themselves. I can name many other clubs and activities students excel in that have little to no funds provided for the school. I think the Reeds Spring school district should care about the arts just as much as sports.
My experience through reeds spring has been pretty well. I’ve gone there since I was in pre school. I’ve met friends there who are still connected with me. It’s a small town but a good one. When it comes to sports football is a big part of the town. You can start at a young age and the parents get involved easily. When it comes to Education there’s no more pencil and paper which is nice. Because no one has to worry about if they have a pencil or led or anything like that. And if you ever need to spell a word or look something up for research it’s quick and easy to do! Overall Reeds Spring is a good place to learn and have fun while doing it.
My experience wasn't terrible but it isn't a school I would recommend to someone else. It is a smaller school so most of us students are close and get along, but then again because we all are so close there is easily a ton of drama throughout high school. I would like to see the fundamentals change. I feel like I am not properly prepared for college and it is very stressful when the hard times come. Reeds Spring high school is trying their hardest at the moment to change class period times along with free period. Processes are being set and it takes time to change, by the time it is changed I won't even be in school anymore. Therefore, I am missing out on anything that could be good from this school.
This place is an overall nice place to learn but has a habit of favoring some students over others. The staff tends to "turn the other cheek" when it comes down to consequences for the students who are athletes. So not every student is held to the same standard of responsibility for their actions.
There is very little bullying compared to other schools and is an open environment for each student to express themselves. This is a very excepting environment for students as long as they aren't inappropriate.
Reeds spring highschool is a good learning environment but if you are not an acomplished athlete in the main sports of football, baceball, softball, wrestling, basketball, or track you are less likely to succeed.
This district cares about their kids. The teachers and administrators that I have dealt with are simply wonderful.
The Reeds Spring R-IV School District is a team building effort and makes the students feel safe and involved in practically everything they do, but they do try a little hard, but it makes for great laughs. I am currently a 13-year senior for this district and I couldn't have asked for a better school experience. The staff care for each individual and the counselors are always there in time of need, confusion, and even happiness. The school environment is well-energized and everyone is treated as a team. I'm so glad I grew up as a Reeds Spring Wolf.
I really think this school district is great, they really work hard for students to pass and become sucessful adults
What I liked about Reeds Spring was how everyone was friends with everyone we were all family. Plus the teachers actually cared about the students
Our school is very much into sports, I love attending games and cheering on our team, I love the support we have for our teams! Also our teachers are nice and makes everyone feel welcomed into their classroom. Most students stay in the same friend group but most people welcome other kids and does not make them feel unwanted. Our school loves God and most students have a relationship with God. There here are several students that attend FCA on Fridays. I love that there is a club or group for everyone who likes extra curriculum activities. Although our school is very involved I would love to see more positive people and more people be involved in some sort of group.
The school lunches. They do not provide enough food for us. All my friends complain about not getting enough to eat and then they have to go to practice starving. It would be great if they gave us bigger portions of food
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