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Redondo Beach Unified School District Reviews

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This school district has been amazing to my children through the years. My daughter has an IEP and they have been on top of EVERYTHING!
I have had 2 children go through all 13 years of school (K-12) at RUHS. Wonderful, supportive environment with teachers who are passionate about teaching and about their students. Great facilities and administrators. I can mostly address the higher end learner and the fact that so many AP classes are offered and if your child goes beyond that there are options to take classes at the local Community College as well.
My involvement with the administration has always been impressive. I had contact with the vice principle and my issue was handled professionally and sincerity.
Contact with teachers has also been professional and with a personal touch.
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Overall Redondo Beach unified school district provides a safe, pretty diverse, and great academic teachings.
I liked that the school would challenge and push me to be a better student. I made some lifelong friends at my old middle school even though I was only there for a short period of time. I liked the school spirit and all of the activities and clubs the school had to offer. I used to be excited to get up to go to school in the morning, and usually I had fun while learning at the same time.
Redondo Union High School is an excellent place with an amazing staff and a diverse, but large, student body. Although the food can be lackluster at times, the faculty does an amazing job preparing students for their futures by preparing them for college extremely early. The teachers are very approachable and helpful as they are genuinely interested in making sure their students are successful in their future careers. One fault of this school is how they overload themselves with students, resulting in larger than normal sized classrooms and classes often get filled up with small flexibility in the beginning of the year. I've always looked forward to the school events and never felt bored by them. Redondo Union High School is one of the best public high schools in the South Bay and I'd heavily recommend going here.
What I liked about Redondo Union was the great facilities and the huge spirit throughout the school which allows for a great school experience that pushes a great highschool life
Redondo Beach schooling was very good to my family during my middle school years. The Principal and vice principal at Adams Middle school were very caring and kind and wanted students to succeed. When I went to high school it was a very smooth transition and the staff is equally caring. Especially my principal. He cares about his students and has become a great leader, Role mode and friend of mine
RBUSD staff and employees help prepare students for college very well, they create an environment where learning is not an option but a standard
This is a really good school district and has great teachers and counselors this is the school to go to and they focus more on education this school is a great school. I would have to say the school is excellent all around. The staff and students are all wonderful and supportive of each other. It's a progressive and diverse school that embraces all. Academics and Sports programs are top notch. It's a beautiful campus that almost looks like a resort. All the construction is completed (I think) and looks wonderful.
The teachers at Redondo Union are really good, they care about more than just our academic achievements. They care about our future and our well beings. They are flexible to what is going on outside of school in our personal lives.
Redondo union high school is very diverse campus the teachers try their best to help out the students that are struggling
I think the district is good overall, but should create more updated programs that focus on non-academic studies- such as a modernized sex ed. Areas for stressed out students to relax would be great as well.
My time in the Redondo Beach Unified School District has been- for the most part- a very pleasant one. The teachers I have dealt with have been very encouraging and have taught me very well. The campus' are policed very well and guards are mostly friendly. My only suggestion is that the schools improve their system for dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. In middle school I was attacked online by peers and the administration told me they could do nothing even when presented with evidence.
Great school district but they do not have that many resources for children who struggle in school due to being bilingual or having learning disabilities.
Redondo Beach is a great place to grow up with amazing educational opportunities and community. I have no complaints and have received a great basis for my academic future.
I think all the public schools my kids went to in Redondo were great. Sports and clubs are really good and lots of choices. Teachers haven't all been great.
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I only went to high school in this district, and I enjoyed my time there. I liked all of my teachers, and was able to play a sport all four years.
I go to Redondo Union High School which is a nice large school with a view of the beach. I have attended RUHS since my freshman year a love it. The students, teachers, and administrators are amazing.
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