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I loved Red Lion Area Senior High School and the education I received there. I would recommend to anyone to join clubs and activities to feel more connected at high school. The administration was always welcoming and willing to help students with whatever they needed.
I really love this school! They have taught me so many great things! There are so many good things i could say about those teachers. They made me feel safe! They Sat down and taught me problem by problem how to work through an answer. That school is so amazing when it comes to sports as well, I was always included, never felt left out at all.
Meh pretty ok imo but y'all need serious improvement as it stands the whole school is has a pretty toxic environment and a lot of administration seems to be shooting itself in the foot constantly
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Red Lion High School was a pretty average high school experience.
It had its ups and downs but did alright in the long run. Academics were okay, along with sports, clubs, and other activities. I liked majority of my teachers. The only poor side was college readiness and real life skills.
I usually feel pretty safe here. I've had an overall good experience with my teachers and have made many meaningful relationships. I have not had a great experience with the English department though. The food is not fantastic but I love the cafeteria. It is a great environment to make friends in.
There are many programs offered outside of academics that can be a lot of fun for students. Some teachers are very passionate about their jobs and you can very easily tell they love what they do, others not so much. Overall the academics are not difficult and most teachers make their grading criteria clear, again some others do not.
My daughter is in the assistance classes and the teachers are very open and willing to help her. Her daily teachers are patient and very informative on her progress.
Good staff that cares about its students for the most part. Some teachers are adequate, most have good knowledge to spread.
All the school cares about is if you are athletic if you can't throw a ball the school won't care about you the administration people all just don't care about the kids they only want to get as much money as possable
A very sports-focused school. They put athletics before education and tax cuts for the residents in front of its students.
The teachers are absolutely amazing. The administration at every school in the district leaves a lot to be desired. They care only about their salary and not about the well being of students. They only care if they are getting paid. They couldn’t care less if a student makes a small mistake - they will blow the consequences out of proportion. By the same token, they’ll also play favorites and give certain students an immense number of privileges and immunities from punishments. The academics are good if you take good classes (AP & Honors), but the school itself is a joke. The teachers are the only good thing except for sports and music. The administration makes the stupid decisions that are asinine, like closing down bathrooms because a few kids decided to Juul.
The teachers are generally phenomenal, but the administration leaves a lot to be desired. There have been many instances of unfairness that have disadvantaged many within the student body, such as an inadequate GPA system.
I like all the help and support given to the students by the teachers and staff. they are really on top of things when it comes to helping me get the education that I need. This year is my senior year at RLASD. They also have academic support classes in which I have had the advantage of being a part of to get extra help in my courses that I am taking.
Overall, my experience has been very good at Red Lion. I truly believe that all things can be looked at from a negative perspective or a positive perspective. I am very blessed to have public education and be able to grow not only academically but also I've grown in my community. I have seen the importance of unity and how amazing it is when we, as a student body and a community, come together. Red Lion Area Senior High School provides a great high school experience; however, it is also highly dependent on the student and how much they appreciate education and how far they want to get in their high school career.
Red Lion has one of the BEST Music Programs in South Central Pennsylvania. The Choir Director is extremely knowledgeable and keeps the students interested and engaged during class.
I have gone to this school since I was in 1st grade. I enjoy this school I enjoy the people and the kindness and warmth. The academics are incredible and one of a kind. Definitely a school to look forward to for your little one. This school teaches also the little important things in the future that most school eave out.
Personally I did not enjoy school here because I felt that the administration was semi clueless, they didn't give us any reccomendations for classes that could make us stand out for college or prepare us for our majors in college. I also felt like they were more concerned with the smart kids and athletic kids doing good than trying to help everyone. The students are also very judgemental and inmature, it might be like this for all school but I feel like no one really supported each other and there was a lot of back talking over stupid stuff and i just feel like it was a very negative community. The teachers were amazing though and knew what they were teaching and were good at what they were teaching. I only had one class though that I feel really prepared me for college and I wished there were more teacher, especially when students get to there senior year, that would be more strict and maybe teach a little bit like a college professor would teach.
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I loved the staff and the multiple opportunities available to me at red lion not to mention the best years of my life playing football and basketball at Red Lion.
As a graduate, I am very happy with the time that I had within the Red Lion school district. All of the teachers that I had were wonderful and same with the education. I was able to get the support and education I needed despite having many needs.
I am a senior at Red Lion and have enjoyed my time here. I mostly enjoyed my teachers, specifically in the tech department. I have expanded my passion in photography through the district and have realized this is the field I want to pursue. The administrators and guidance councilors have done nothing but encourage me the whole way through my high school career as I know they do for every student. I feel Red Lion is a place where education snd learning your passion is something that is highly encouraged and strived for.
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