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Red Hook Central School District Reviews

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Pleasant and great for families. As my daughter gets older though, we are outgrowing the area. Small town and rural. Plus side is they keep it mostly locally owned which creates a sense of pride. Farming allows for amazing fresh produce, and fast food is minimal. Scenery and historic value is abundant. Beautiful views of the Catskills and close to the Hudson. Lots of nature.
Red Hook Central School District is an average school, but not one that i can say im incredibly grateful i got the chance to go to. Most teachers only care and reach out to students out of necessity, without really following through on the students well being; and often times not even checking up on students mental health. The sports are good, as is the campus and clubs, but most staff dont care about the students mental state or if theyre ok, and it shows. It can make the students feel insignificant or like a bother to know that no one in the school REALLY cares, and not just because its their job to. So while most material things about Red Hook High School are perfectly fine, if i could change one thing, itd be the atmosphere, how the teachers interact with the students, just anything to make them feel a bit more understood and accepted.
Excellent for all students! Involved principals and great educators. Outstanding electives and well rounded students.
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The faculty and staff is helpful to all students. The school has many opportunities for students to take advantage of. All the teachers and Faculty are caring and passionate about their jobs.
Red Hook is an excellent school with a challenging IB program. The teachers are driven to making sure each student succeeds. The IB diploma provides a platform for the ambitious student to succeed and advance deeper into personal studies. Though the school is most certainly not modern, the teaching staff makes up for the unappealing surroundings.
There is not a lot of diversity in Red Hook. The school offers an International Baccalaureate program as well as AP classes. There is a college and career counselor and a cape counselor in the high school.
There wasn't a lot of diversity and the district catered to athletes more than anyone else. However, the academics were great and I was very well prepared for college.
Red Hook is a great school in many ways; the sports teams, music and arts department, and dedicated honors/AP/IB classes provide rewarding challenges for essentially anybody. However, in recent years, the administration has taken a turn from being respectful of students (while of course being assertive when required) to being known for its 'helicopter parent' methods. The involved student body, passionate teachers, and multitude of activities available mark the major positives of the school, while a disorganized yet heavy handed administration and a noticeable political division are the major negatives that come to mind.
Lacking in education opportunities and offering extra help to students. Sports are very political. Some teachers need to further their education in order to educate the students properly. Lacks in what's offered for education compared to other districts.
I had many opportunities in this school district to get involved, whether it be clubs, sports, or music. Also, this school district provided me with many options for higher level AP and IB classes.
RedHook was a very educational school. There were many opportunities for college prep classes, but if you weren't at that level, the classes were okay. There were lots of sports and cubs for kids to join.
The student body is small and you are mostly with the same kids for the twelve years of your education. The small class sizes are beneficial because more one on one teacher attention and engagement purposes, although some teachers need to retire. The funding is mostly towards sports, which is unfortunate, but I think changes are being made about that coming soon.
The best town and District to become the new kid! All are welcome and appreciated. So many people and activities to enjoy!
Red Hook High School is a pretty good place to send your kids. Although its small it manages to have a wide variety of classes, clubs, and sports. They offer IB classes as well which many private schools in the area do not. The student services department is terrific but the faculty on average isnt anything special. The School also doesn't have an auditorium or anything similar- just a gym. Some clubs and sports aren't yet supported at the school as well, however a student can start their own club with permission at anytime. Overall Red Hook High School is a pretty good place to be, I will miss it dearly.
The Red Hook Central School district defies and exceeds all expectations of a public school. Students are given many opportunities throughout their time in the district, whether that be through academics, athletics, or the arts. The high school continuously receives a high ranking when compared to other schools in the entire United States. AP as well as IB programs are offered in the high school, giving students a great advantage when applying to colleges.
Red Hook High School has always been able to assist me. All teachers are extremely friendly and are able to connect with the students on a personal level, creating a friendly and safe environment. I believe the administration has good communication, and the school as a whole is very organized and challenges all students. Red Hook High School has been very kind to my family and I, and have always truthfully answered all of our questions. The multiple IB and AP courses offered has made a different for the students at Red Hook, and has pushed them in order to be prepared for their years at college. Overall, we are very thankful we picked Red Hook as the school my siblings and I have received our education.
Red Hook offers students a remarkable sense of support in their community. The teachers and staff at the schools are passionate, caring, and genuinely invested in your success and well-being.
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This school is an ordinary High School, there are teachers who overly care, and very few that don't, thankfully. The school is mid-sized, and classrooms tend to be 20-25 students at a time.
I have been a student in the RHCSD my entire school career. The RHCSD is a relatively small school district, about 120 kids per grade, which made it just the right fit for me. Being in a smaller school you get to know almost all, if not all of the kids in your grade and many of the kids in other grades. Classes are never too big where you can't get extra help if you need it. We are a close knit school and community which makes it a very nice place to learn and grow. Overall my experience has been great, from kindergarten all the way through senior year. Since our district is small there is great support from our community when it comes to school functions/sporting events, the whole community gets involved. As I approach my graduation date I can honestly say that I have enjoyed growing up in this town and in this school district.
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