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Red Bluff Joint Union High School District Reviews

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Red Bluff High is a good school, it's like any other public school it has its hiccups. The administration is good with solving problems between students or students and teachers.
Although high school is seen as a terrifying, dreadful, and fearful place, my high school was the complete opposite. Red Bluff Joint Union High School District not only allows students to prosper, but also encourages, motivates, and assists them in reaching their goals. The school has a kind and inviting environment for all students. It has a large spectrum of clubs and activities that fit each student's interest. It has allowed me to participate in various clubs such as Connect Crew, Key Club, Femineers, and California Scholarship Federation. Furthermore, the teachers are all very sympathetic and understanding. They realize the stress and pressure that high school can create when overwhelmed and can relate to these experiences. They are exceptionally kind and show their spirit for Red Bluff High School. Even though, the school does have a few stereotypical flaws including bullying and vaping, my high school has given me a great experience and is always finding new ways to improve.
The Red Bluff area has a nice home town feel. The only down fall is that you feel left out if your family was haven't settled here the in last few decades so pretty everyone knows everyone. I would would say i worked my butt off to get to know everyone after the 4 years I have been here.Now that I'm leaving looking back i didn't see the problem that staff was having with the administration. Teacher hated being here and wished to transfer but had so many years on their belt.
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My experience at Red Bluff High School has been amazing. I love the teachers and staff here because they are very friendly. Also my favorite part about this high school is the Performing Arts Center. That is where I spend a lot of my time because I just love dancing, singing, and performing there’s nothing like getting up on the stage and showing off something you have been working very very hard on. I don’t personally see anything that can be changed on campus. I’m overall happy with the way Red Bluff High School is.
For our little town it isn't a bad place to go to school. Teachers and staff are all very helpful and nice.
I love the classes and course work. It's just right for me. Almost all of my teachers have been amazing. There is an amazing chance for success within our arts department. You get the opportunity to do things you've never thought of with each class.
Being a student in the Red Bluff High School District I have seen there be something for everyone from the school offering a great intro to medical program to offering a lot of agricultural resources. They try t offer something for everyone and they have a lot of clubs you can join or if they don't have one you'd like you can start your own. These last few years that I have been going to Red Bluff High I have learned so much more than just what the teacher teach but also about real life problems and how to handle them.
Red Bluff High Schools a great academic place in my opinion. It is no to big and not to small. The teachers are amazing and everyone is very friendly. I am currently a senior at Red Bluff High School.
At Red Bluff High School I really enjoyed the environment around the school, and all my teachers have been like friends to me. Something I would like to see change is some of the sports programs on school, I'd like to see us succeed a little bit more in some sports
This is my fourth year being enrolled in the Red Bluff High School Joint Union High School District. In the past years I have had a great experience with having good teachers and getting a good education. I really liked that at Red Bluff High School you can get the help you need from counselors or teachers. I am currently enrolled in a course called AVID, which is a class that helps you prepare for college. This course was very helpful throughout all four years of high school. Red Bluff High School is not perfect though, I would like to see an improvement in our sports programs. As a senior I have realized how expensive it is to graduate high school, and would also like to see costs decrease when it comes to cap & gowns and much more.
The teachers here at Red Bluff are the best. Since there aren't as many people going here compared to a big city. The teachers are more student oriented.
I love red bluff. It needs work, but it's pretty great. I'm aspiring to be a computer hardware engineer and the classes the school has in the computer science field is pretty great.
Red Bluff Joint Union High School District has the right set of mind on what they see for the future of their high schools and their high school students, but applying their ideas has always been a struggle. As Red Bluff High School's motto states: "Better than average".
Red Bluff High School is located in a small town called Res Bluff. Many students go to this high school because that's the closest school to go. Currently they are doing construction. The teachers are amazing and the club's they have help the community when needed. As for the food isn't that great. They do have various options and only some are good.
It's alright, some good teachers, some bad. It matters on your friends, and the place is nicely layed out and there is alright diversity.
Red Bluff high School has a unique experience that you can get from anywhere else. The School is small but not too small. It feels like it has just enough diversity and plenty of culture. They have all the classes you need and all the sports you want. The teachers are nice and caring and the buildings are nice. Having gone to school here for almost two years, I have never felt unsafe at school.
Staff members are great, but the school itself is not great. This year, we couldn't even play on our own field for football and soccer.
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Red Bluff High has great teachers and staff that are willing to work with their students. The biggest problem that the school has is its focus on sports as opposed to education.
Red Bluff High was a good experience for me. There are lots of great teachers here, they always help when you ask for it and the students are friendly. There are many college programs here that help choose the right path for your future. I would recommend this school for people looking for that sort of environment.
What I really like about Red Bluff High School District is the spirit. Everyone is proud to be learning and growing at such an advanced and resourceful place, and almost everyone is driven to prove that it's more than just a small town high school.
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