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Reardan-Edwall School District Reviews

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Reardan has an incredible staff who are dedicated to improving the lives of the students they teach. Unfortunately, the school lacks diversity and college readiness, but they are consistently striving to improve upon these aspects. The atmosphere was always very welcoming and fairly positive.
Reardan does not offer many sports, however it does pride the success of their athletes if you are looking for a school with alot of opportunities and clubs Reardan is not the place to go. Most of the time Reardan will get good clubs and have good programs but a good majority of the time the teachers and staff will leave because they get a better offer.
I appreciate Reardan High School for being a small school where each teacher has the opportunity to help all of their students. My school struggles with successfully planning events or activities, making the information available to the public about said activities and having teachers that can apply their curriculum to students of all learning types. My school also lacks in having clubs or activities. My school has never had hot water and rarely serves edible lunch. There is an extreme lack of diversity at my school, meaning the majority of students are Caucasian. I do not feel prepared for college and my SAT scores prove it, in the subject of Math.
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The one thing I like most about Reardan High School is the teachers. The teachers are very involved with you and your learning.
At Reardan high school, everyone knows everybody. The community is very close, and is well known of each other. Staff can focus in on the students since the student body of the high school is not very large. It is very one on one. I hope to see more funds put toward the school itself, since the school is in poor condition is some areas.
Not the best school, they have had a lot of principle over a 15 year period. One thing that they did good on was football. Having high school kids make fables to read to elementary kids and the choir do Christmas carols around the school.
Worse high school counselor ever! Doesn't help students, doesn't offer to help find scholarships and provide scholarships and definitely doesn't provide guidance.
The general attitude at Reardan high school was an accepting one. With the small class sizes most all students developed a personal relationship with the teachers, making it easier to approach than with question outside of class. On top of that i was able to participate in several different clubs and activities making making migh school a great experience.
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