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I challenge anyone to find a more dedicated and caring group of teachers. Reading has the best teachers in the state and administration that is prompt and dedicated.
My time at Reading has shaped the person I became. My class and I were the only grade to go to all the buildings. We went to the original high school, the high school on Vine, and the brand new Reading Community School. The old schools both had their own sets of challenges, yet when we set foot in the new school we knew that it was the future and worth the wait. The diversity is low, the population is mainly white middle to lower class citizens. The teachers were fantastic and made sure the students really understood the material. There are a variety of classes and clubs and the arts are taken very seriously. Some sports were better than others. The football had a poor season, the softball team has been good since I've gone to high school.
I enjoy going to Reading High School. It’s a small town, so everybody knows everybody. There isn’t one person you don’t know. I’ve watched my peers grow up beside me. Unfortunately, there are some flaws to our beloved school. We are such a small community, we only truly support football and men’s basketball. No other sports get the attention they deserve. Besides the point, I’m very grateful that our building has been rebuilt and we were given the latest technology to help in our everyday learning. I couldn’t be more thankful to be apart of such a wonderful community.
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We have lived in Reading for 19 years my husbands family is here so we decided to move with our 1 year old when he started preschool I loved the teacher and the school I have 3 boys 19 16 and 14 as time went on things changed the older and higher the grade the worse things got my kids started being bullied and no one would help even as things got to the point of my son getting his head stomped in the middle of the street when school let out no one tried to help he was unconscious as the boy kicked his head other students stood by and recorded it all on their phones and posted it on Facebook but no one helped him the kid was charged but he got a slap on the hand and still out there bullying other kids there have been plenty other kids who have cried to me wanting to die because of the bullying but no one talks about the bad things going on and how no one will help I have lots of other things but it would take all day I can't wait to move my kids can't wait either
Reading is the best the teachers are so nice everyone should want to go to reading. It will make you find the love of your life. The kids are very nice. All the sports team always win.
This is a great school to attend, it's a tight knit community, and the teachers are willing to help you succeed; any of your goals that you have.
I like the school district everyone is friendly and you know a lot of people, there isn't I would change about the school.
I do not like going to this school because most of the students their are so rude and disrespectful. Some of the teachers are nice but not all of them.
The teachers overall were the absolute best !! They made sure you buckled down and it ready for the outside world! Some were stricted but only because they wanted to teach us to be and have responsibilities. Reading School teachers were the best and always will be!!
Reading is a small community suburb outside of Cincinnati. There’s a saying that goes around that says “Those who go to Reading, never leave.” There are generations of families that attend Reading Schools. The community is diverse and close knit. Our community has faced hardship as has others. Everyone is selfless, always willing to help and prideful. Once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil.
I think if i would of never came to reading schools i think i would not be were i am today. i am glad that i came to reading because i got a really good education they made me change my whole way that i look at life. i would say me i would not change anything about it because i got a great education from there and it really changed me
I love how the teachers interact with me and always try to accomated my learning style. The only downside is that it's such a small school that not all the classes I would like to take are offered.
Reading Community City School District is truly a community. The district has such a family atmosphere and is a small district so everyone knows each other. The faculty and administration are extremely helpful at setting you up for success (if you put in your own hard work).
The people including both the teachers and students are fantastic. The teachers are true role models and you learn more than just what's in the textbook. I've been taught life skills that will last with me forever.
I came to the Reading Community City School district in 9th grade. I was welcomed into this community with open arms. After 4 short years, it is amazing to see how this tightknit community works. The teachers, administration and other students are so close and care about each other so much. Even with challenging courses, the teachers never fail to help the kids.
I attended this school right out of high school and I feel like it was a good stepping stone, it was very affordable and there were many kind and helpful people. very easy process of being accepted and there are all different kinds of people from all over. they are really making the outside look amazing . they have a beautiful library that's open 7 days a week for us students and lots of data bases for us to use.
My experience at Reading High school was very welcoming since I joined my Sophomore year. The environment was very welcoming and I was happy to be apart of the community.
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I have attended reading community schools for my entire life and I would not change or transfer to any other school district. The other students and teachers make you feel at home and like you belong. During my senior year my parents have decided to move to another county about an hour away, and instead of moving schools I refused and am finishing off my last year of high school surrounded by the people that I know and love.
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