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Raymond Central Public Schools Reviews

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There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to every school and or organization. Some advantages of Raymond Central is the staff. In my opinion our staff at the Raymond Central Jr/Sr High School is positive and makes people feel safe. One disadvantage of the Raymond Central High School is we need to do a better job of preventing the bullying. It happens to often and needs to come close to an end.
Raymond Central Public Schools is a great place to go because they really involve the students and parents. The administration is always looking for new ways to improve the learning environment at Raymond. I am also very pleased to say that we have a great coaching staff as well as faculty. Our teachers and coaches never leave a student out. Everyone is presented with the opportunity to get involved on the activities we have at the school. Although our school is not as diverse as others, I feel like we have a great overall character at our school. Raymond’s academic standings and college readiness is very appreciated by many students and parents because we have a higher grading system. I am very pleased with my school and it’s ability to be flexible with the students.
Raymond Central does a great job of fostering good relationships with students, parents, and the administration/ faculty. The district is made up of four small towns and so the class sizes stay small. While I was attending Raymond Central the largest graduating class had 64 students. I think this is a great quality for a school because it allows the faculty to get to know each of the students. All of the teachers care for the students and want to see them succeed.
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Raymond Central was by far the best school I attended! They prepared me so well for life people have always though I was way old for my age!
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