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Rapides Parish Public Schools Reviews

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I been in Rapides Parish since PreK. It a amazing parish and teaches you a a lot in school. The teachers and administration are so nice and they really do make a difference.
I had a good experience as a junior and senior at a Rapides parish High School (Tioga High School) There is nothing I would change. Teachers were very supportive.
This district is decades behind. Resources for students are lacking, facilities are falling apart and out dated. Education is subpar, high school students can hardly construct a paragraph. Unless your kid are in sports or advanced classes their education will suffer.
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My biggest complaint regarding the Rapides Parish Public schools is the lack of "attendable" options and overcrowding I gave a decent review because my child went the specific schools in the Parish that are "attendable." The majority of public schools in this parish would definitely not receive this kind of rating. The "good" schools are few and far between in this parish ESPECIALLY for junior high. One junior high in particular is VERY over crowded because its is the only one worth attending or sending your child too. MANY MANY parents fake addresses to get into this school, this says a LOT about the other junior highs in the area.
Rapids Parish School Board is a very extravagant school board. I've been involved in this board ever since elementary school. I've learned so much over the years due to the teaching and also just the diversity of kids all around me teaching me new things. I feel like some of the teachers at my school are family and that is how you're suppose to feel, safe and comfortable. If you're not comfortable in your learning environment everyone is waiting their time. I wouldn't want to have grown up in any other school board.
Rapides parish schools are great. The teachers are wonderful and the administration is always on top of things.
My overall experience at Northwood High School was great. I absolutely loved the environment, at Northwood you have one on one time with your teachers.
I love Rapides Parish Public Schools. The school systems are great academic and extracurricular wise. Teachers throughout the parish are very kind and helpful.
I have attended school in Rapides Parish for six years. I have had good teachers. However, I feel that I have not been fully prepared for college. I do enjoy participating in clubs and other activities provided by the district.
The one thing I like about the school district is the old seasoned teachers who care more about whether the students understand the instruction than letter grades. The thing I'd change is the teacher salary, they don't get paid enough to put up with other people's children. School isn't a daycare its a systematic institution that revolves around what someone who knows nothing about the general student dictate.
Rapides Parish Public schools have multiple opportunities for students to achieve. Schools have many extracurricular activities to include all students. I feel that the public schools in Rapides parish prepare students for their future endeavors whether it be collage or entering the work force. I would like to see more community participation in the local schools.
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