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Randolph Central School District Reviews

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One of the best schools in the area. A bit on the conservative side, so if that’s an issue for you be weary.
The school needs more college prep and getting ready for SAT tests. They should start the SAT prep classes in 9th grade so kids are familiar with the type of test.
I was a new student to Randolph in 8th grade. I found that I was very welcomed by everyone. The facility is very supporting in amazing ways even outside of school.
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Overall experience was absolutely incredible.
Not everything was perfect, but it’s an incredible school that cares about its students, and that was shown every single day.
I was allowed many extraordinary extracurriculars including band, choir, soccer, musical theater, and much more. All of which exceed all expectation to be had of a small high school.
I’m proud to say I spent my entire childhood in such a wonderful school.
I love Randolph because the teachers are really good and they teach us a lot in the school year. They also review what we learned from last year. The food in Randolph is pretty good and we have a wide variety of food choices, also if 9th and above you get two fruits for lunch. The rules are pretty fair for the school. We also get plenty of exercise in gym. But the bus monitors are jerks
I like most of the teachers. I would like to see more college prep, it's difficult transitioning from high school to college so it would be nice if there were more classes on how to take steps into the adult world.
I went to a private school and then to Randolph from 2nd grade til graduation, and academics are great, staff and teachers are the bonus and willing to help you in anyway they can!
The community is always there to support the students needs anyway they can help. The school is small and makes one on one help available to every student when needed.
I love the community feel of the school. My peers are friendly which make it easy to get through a school day. The teachers and staff are so focused on helping their students stay on top and achieve their goals. They are caring and compassionate about their careers. The town is enthusiastic about football and I like that. I feel at home.
I was homeschooled in Randolph Central School District. The school district was always very helpful and cooperative to my family and me.
I really enjoyed going here. Down to earth teachers that are very relatable and know their subjects.
Randolph central is a great school! The teachers are very involved to help us succeed in the real world. Randolph also offers many clubs that are very fun to participate in!
Randolph Central School is a great small town school to learn and grow in. It is surrounded by a supportive community that gives you all of the help that is needed to develop into a successful individual. I am extremely grateful to have been apart of this school district. From the time I was in Pre-K to now being a senior in high school, this school has given me everything that I have needed to learn.
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