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Its okay but the iPad were a bad idea. There are some issues with bullying and nothing being done about it, but Raleigh County Schools do provide counciling most of the time. Otherwise it does have good teachers.
The school system seems not to care about the students at all. One of schools does not even have a working intercom and the county refuses to pay for it. The class rooms are also filled to the brim because they are cutting staff positions. They’re are also roaches. Do not consider Raleigh County Schools.
My experience through the Raleigh Co school system has been incredible. They have been proactive on accommodating my disability, bilateral hearing impairment. The school system recognized early in my childhood, (pre-K) that I needed speech therapy and quieter environments in order to academically excel. The educators initiated my IEP and continue to follow me through my senior year with my 504. The staff’s dedication has enabled me to achieve my academic goals, thus far. They have always worked with me and pushed me to do my best academically. I was a “gifted” student through out middle school and now proud to say that I’m a member of the National Honor Society. My overall GPA is >4.0. The BOE has provided accessibility to dual credit classes, honors classes and also college classes. As I continue through high school and college, I will always be appreciative and thankful to have been a part of the Raleigh Co school system.
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Generally, the schools care about students and do their best to make learning fun. I have enjoyed my time at School, and I feel ready to take on a University courseload. I feel prepared for college, which is an excellent trait in a high school.
I gave Raleigh county schools this rating due to a lack of a few different things, such as there are many issues with bullying and they still haven’t established a good program. Along with the fact of behavioral problems that are very rarely solved. There are many racial issues that cause division among students that are not resolved. Many other things go on that teachers do not even seem to recognize. Academics wise in my opinion are poor, many teachers now are racing to the next thing just to achieve there guidelines. Money distribution between clubs and sports is also a problem.
Raleigh county schools is a great school system. I have went to Raleigh County Public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade and I love it.
I enjoyed the diverse student body, along with the administration. It was welcoming and created an atmosphere of openness. The only thing I'd change is the quality of the food.
I personally loved my school, Independence High School, which is part of Raleigh County Schools. They could be more clean but thats mostly the students fault. All in all they are a great school system.
Raleigh County schools are a very safe environment for students. Staff and faculty are ready to help in a moment's notice. The food is sometimes good but for following the law on foods they can and can not make the do a great job at trying to make the food taste good. Each school had it's own set of problems but the staff and faculty do their part in making sure the bumps get ironed out during the day. The school buildings and gymnasiums are all fairly nice. Quite a bit of money is put into keeping these places in tip top shape. Each school tries to strives for nothing but the best.
The experience I had at my high school, Woodrow Wilson, in Raleigh county West Virginia, was overall satisfactory. I'd like to see the limitations on free time change. I graduated three and a half years ago, since then the school has gotten rid of the eagle academy which I find to be a huge step in the right direction. The suggestions I'd like to see happen is they could offer more after school activities that do not include sports. They could replace a lot of the punishments with opportunities for improvement such as, classes to help with the real world. For example, if a student receives in school suspension for something or detention for a reason, have the student participate in a learning opportunity for why the action is not accepted in not just schools but the real world. If this would have been in affect when I was in high school I would have benefited from it.
Facilities are quite adequate, safe school drills are practiced, A+ in technology - county wide iPad program, teachers regularly participate in continuing education programs, some administrators do take things a little too far in the area of political correctness, sports teams are very well financially supported, the arts are somewhat devalued by teaching staff, administration and Board of Education, tendency to teach for testing instead of teaching to put lessons into practice.
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