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Academically the school is fantastic and they really value the art and music programs, not just the athletics, which was very important to me. However the school has a serious lack of diversity, and a majority of the students are very privileged and ignorant towards the plights of others.
This is a great school district! Teachers and administration really care and the resources are great. Facilities need upgraded.
Facilities can be brand new or old. The high school building is old but the staff are great and the teachers all care about how well you do.
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I Love my school. I’ve been very involved in the many opportunities given me at Radnor.
Radnor is a great small school with wonderful challenging academic rigor. I work and play hard at my school and am ready for college and life because of it!
My Radnor High School experience has been a perfect foundation and preparation for college. I have met lifelong friends, played team sports and learned how to succeed academically. At Radnor, our school district truly feels like a community. I am the youngest of 3 students in my family and we all had unique experiences but also shared teachers, family friends and built strong relationships that I know will last into adulthood.
As a parent, I can not say enough good things about this school district. The leadership is phenomenal, teachers are caring and experienced, and parent involvement and the community are incredible. My family has lived in similar school districts in the midwest and west coast. There is nothing like Radnor - it's incredible!
Teachers are great and many clubs and activities along with music groups exist in the various schools making the district one of the best.
i honeaslty loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the area i am staying at to be honest because i feel safe.
Good school, friendly environment, and good funding overall to help it flourish. The academics and help at the school are very good, as well as the preparation for college. However, there is not much diversity and the food is subpar. Despite this, overall good place to go to school.
Mostly good teachers but annoying students. Take hard classes to get good classmates and assignments
I like its spirit and academic rigor, as well as the compassion and helpfulness of staff and teachers.
Good teachers in a community that cares. I grew up and when to school in this district and would never regret it.
I go to college at Cabrini University. The teachers are very nice and will go out of their way to help. The school needs better food and more celebration of all cultures.
The school district defines excellence in public education. From the administration to the teachers to the paraprofessionals, every individual associated with this school has exceeded my expectations as a parent. The district has a positive energy to it that I have not seen anyplace else. I could not be happier to be sending my children to Radnor schools!
Great teachers, staff, and resources. I really enjoyed my time there. I am so greatful that I went to school at RHS.
Radnor is a great school district. All the way from the elementary schools to the wide variety of AP classes offered at the high school, the academics at Radnor are challenging and offer a rigourous curriculum opportunity for motivated students. There are numerous clubs, the music program is large, and there are many sports offered. There is something for everyone at Radnor.
This school district is exceptional. The facilities, the teachers and administration, even the school pride go above and beyond what is expected. Every year this school continues to grow and expand, always serving the students needs.
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RTSD is great academically but lacks diversity and culture. The kids are polite but most very privileged and close-minded. The teachers are very dedicated and always willing to take the extra mile for their students.
top notch education overall. I found that my satisfaction improved as we moved from elementary to middle to high school. I think the rigor is exceptional- these kid are truly challenged
This school district is phenomenal. From the facilities, to the teachers and administration, to the tremendous school pride - it's like nothing else - a league of it's own! I can't say enough positive things about my children's educational experiences in Radnor.
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