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As a small town school everyone is like family. The administration is great now and the school and community is growing. There is a great love for sports as well as academics. This is really a small town with a big heart. The school needs more assistance from the state for proper supplies and resources.
I loved the close knit community and always having a feeling of being at home when I was there. There is always someone willing to help out in a time of need. Our dedication to sports and activities are amazing. We have students with big hearts and minds. Every school has a few that fall far from the statement above, but overall Quinton Public Schools is by far the best place I could've went. I am proud to be from a strong, loving, and acceptable community.
Quinton school is a great school. Like other schools, it has its pros and cons. Pros: Quinton schools has very nice teachers and students. There is few bullying. They offer a amazing GT program. There lunches are decent. Cons: They have few sports and activities. They have very little funding. Over all I’d give Quinton a 6/10.
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I have attended Quinton public schools all of my life. I am now a high school senior. My experiences Quinton high school have varied throughout the years. Overall i enjoyed my time here, however i would like to see some changes for the future of Quinton public schools. The funding has been very low, not only here but across the state and nation. So the management of money should be a skill that is highly looked for in the education system, this something that is lacking.
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