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I love Quaker valley schools I am a student and proud to be one the teachers are super And food is pretty good
Overall, we have been very pleased with the quality of teachers and academics at Quaker Valley. Just wish the selection process for athletic coaches would be of higher quality and find individuals who can relate well to the students. Using college interns or younger teachers would be much more appropriate than hiring cranky senior citizens who obviously have a strong disdain for teenagers and who aren't physically fit themselves. Someone who doesn't rely on favoritism, bullying and negative feedback to try to gain respect from her team. There seems to be little oversight on the quality of coaching as multiple student and parent complaints to the administration have been disregarded.
Everyone is so proud to be a Quaker. There is so much personalization at the high school. It’s amazing.
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I love almost all of the teachers, they are passionate about their job and make learning boring topics easier to get through. The building is truly awful, but a renovation is coming in the next few years so its all good. The lunch food is okay, my friend is obsessed with the chicken sandwiches and there are good salads offered as well.
Before I came here I was bullied at every school I went to. The kids just seemed to hate me at any other school. I became suicidal at one point. Then I came here. The kids are amazing and so polite, the teachers are sweet and helpful, and I'm involved in so many awesome activities. The school and students don't make me want to die, they actually make me want to live. I've never felt so happy in high school. I know that this is my last year in school with me being a senior, but I'll finish off right. I'll end on the best note at Quaker Valley High School.
My experience with the Quaker Valley School District has only taken place from my sophomore year to my senior year. During this time, I have been able to witness some of the culture and personality surrounding Quaker Valley HS. The courses themselves are challenging in a way that holds students to a higher standard. The teachers, from what I have seen, are passionate about their lessons and are willing to help students in whatever ways possible, to an extent. However, even Quaker Valley has its flaws. My younger brother is currently a fifth grader going to Osbourne Elementary, one of the two Elementary schools within the Quaker Valley District. In the time that he's attended Osbourne, he has been repeatedly bullied, and even after our family reported this, very little was done about the incidents, discipline or prevention-wise.
I have gone to Quaker Valley School District since I was in Kindergarten. It have been the only place I've gone to school, and overall, I am very satisfied with my experience. I feel that QV is a safe district, with many resources, and as a senior in high school, I feel that this district has prepared me well to move on in my education and in preparation for college.
Amazing school district. Accommodates every student as much as possible. The teachers are always supportive and available to help. The atmosphere in the school is friendly and welcoming.
The building sucks, there is air conditioning in only a few rooms. It’s just old. But the faculty is super nice and the atmosphere is pretty laid back.
10/10 for Quaker Valley! Teachers are personable and always willing to help. The environment here is spectacular. It's comfortable and inviting. I feel like they really prepared me for college.
I am a recent alum of QVSD. I attended the elementary, middle, and then graduated from the high school. I had a great experience probably mostly due to the fact that it is a public school, but the class size is 140-180 max. I love the small school feel and love the fact that everyone knows each other and teachers can name almost everyone in the school. I had great teachers almost every single year and although the high school facility is old and not very nice, they are building a new school in the near future. The elementary schools and middle school facilities are gorgeous with so many technological resources available.
The teachers are pretty good but the building is terrible. Also, the schedule should be either block or more periods. Having only 6 periods limits what classes you can take.
Quaker Valley teachers are very professional and are very knowledgable in the subjects they teach. The thing that Quaker Valley is lacking is diversity in students and teachers.
There is this one teacher that is so mean she is a Language Arts 6 grades teacher and science she is like the most mean teacher in world she yells if you need to go to the bathroom and sharpen your pencil.
Quaker Valley is a great high school. There are a lot of resources available to you and most of the teachers are more than willing to help you out, so it's really easy to get advice any time you might be struggling. (However, like any public school, some of the teachers are not as great as others.) For the most part, I did really enjoy my classes and teachers, and I feel as though I was very prepared for college, especially because of the many AP classes offered.
I felt like I received a very good education here, and am well prepared for college. The building could use some work though - particularly air conditioning throughout the building for when it's hot outside. The third floor classes in the afternoons could be very uncomfortable.
Quaker Valley School District beyond prepared me for my college years and I couldn't be happier with the education I received at this institution. However, the diversity of the student body there is slim to none, making many students oblivious to the world that surrounds them. The teachers, however, do a great job in opening the eyes of these students by teaching them materials and partaking in current events which allow students to understand their place in the world.
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I really liked the teachers. The classes were pretty small so it was easy to get help when you needed it. All of the teachers that I had were willing to stay after school if I was struggling. Even the athletic trainer helped me so much when i had my shoulder injury. The support in the school was the best.
Quaker Valley prepared me for my future extremely adequately by providing the best resources, teachers, and extra curricular activities available to me. I am extremely grateful to have attended this school. One thing I would change would be the school lunches, and the lack of cultural clubs.
The teachers are very invested in their students and are very helpful. Upon first moving to Quaker Valley I found that everyone was very welcoming. The only change that I would make is to add diversity.
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