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Putnam County School system is geared toward the average or below average student. There is really no tools for gifted elementary and middle school students to expand their horizons. As a result, and I speak from experience, your child is bored with school and does not have any interest in school. They make the grade but they are not exposed to anything other than the everyday life of the below average or average students.
Everyone is very nice and helpful. All the teachers and administrators want to see the students succeed.
I did not enjoy it that much. However I had a dance teacher who made high school very enjoyable. The best part about the district is the teachers. The counselors were not helpful when it came to college readiness and did not even put all my dual enrollment credits on my transcript. This made it hard to go back and find proof of those credits myself, which came at an extra cost. The cafeteria food is pretty good.
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I moved here from California and have had a far better experience going to school here than I ever did there. I love this district and school.
Small town politics. Best/smartest/most talented students aren't selected. It is the rich kids who get the opportunities.
I enjoyed the ROTC program.Most of the time when I had trouble with a subject I was able to get help.The system needs to do something about the bulling in school as of right now it is a joke at how they handle it.Lots of sports st the school but the swim team is not recognized no funding no pool.Swimmers have to pay for all of it even buses to meets.Lunches could use some improvement not a lot of healthly choices and I have gotten sick from the food.A good college ready school .Also great counselors.
PCSS was good enough for a basic high school education. Communication with parents and students was always a big issue.
I grew up in Putnam County and my education experience was amazing. I began my schooling at Capshaw Elementary school. I have nothing but fond memories of that school and the people in it. I grew as a student in academics and social skills with the wonderful teaching of the Capshaw family. I also attended Cookeville High School for my four high school years. This is an outstanding high school an the opportunities were endless. There was a large array of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes offered to students. there were also honors options for most courses. The goal of Cookeville high school was and always will be a successful higher education. Putnam County is rich with education and I fell like I had the best education in my area.
My experience at Monterey High School was amazing. I recommend this school because it has done so much for me and my brother.
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