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Based on racial and economic diversity and survey responses on school culture and diversity from students and parents.
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Puerto Rico Department of Education Reviews

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I think the Puerto Rico Department of Education needs amendments as it, in my opinion, is very lacking, especially when we look at the public education sector. Comparing public schools to private schools in Puerto Rico is almost too drastic of a comparison. The safety in comparison between schools is very different and the education quality is not up par between each school. Advanced classes in private schools is like basically skipping one or two grades in the public system. It is a very hard thing to see. Especially since the workers teaching in most schools are old and protected by law for their jobs and thus, students recieve education from teachers that are far from their prime. It is a very worrying situation, that only gets worse with time, and that's why it so desperately need change.
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The Puerto Rico Department of Education is the department in charge of schools in Puerto Rico therefor it holds a great importance to my life as I have studied only in schools in Puerto Rico. I would like to boast about the academic system but in all honesty it needs change. First of all, the government cutting money from it only makes schools lose workers and resources for their students. And to top it off the people who administrate the department aren't even qualified for it. It needs some serious updates, teachers keep quitting and the number of students dropping out is terrifying. I hope that this review makes them realize that students are concerned and that they need to be more wise with decision making.
The education in Puerto Rico is complicated. Teachers does not enjoy their work and does not have the art of teaching their students.In fact, if you are a responsible parent and you want your kid to have a great education you have to make sacrificies in order to provide the best for your kid. Private schools are expensive for the working class and at the end your kid does not receive the benefits of being a Puerto Rican Student. As a puerto rican student who have studied, in both private and public school, I must said the education in this country needs to improve for the betterment of everyone. That is why I want to be a teacher, and give my future students the better version of me everyday.