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Public Schools of Robeson County Schools Reviews

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I hope to see the education taken more serious in the Public Schools of Robeson County. We are a very poor ranked county and the school system is no better. There are very poor teachers and we have a very low success rate.
I was grateful to be able to transfer my girls to out of district schools so they could make progress on their education. I feel teachers need more educatio themselves and have the motivation to want to educate the children and be good role models to the important values in life. The want to learn and confidence to know that these kids can compete with others needs to be instilled in them so they are inspired to achieve their goals.
I'm a student at Early College High School. It is located in Lumberton, NC. This is a magnificent school where I have met great people and learned so much. I have never encountered any problems with my school. However, at other schools in Robeson County where i have attended, a big issue was not tackling the issue of bullying. Staff would be unavailable or negligent when bullying was reported. For the sake of future students that attend these schools, I hope they improve their methods and create a safe work environment for students.
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The public school Robeson county school is a good place to go to school yes they have there ups AND DOWNS BUT MOST OF THE TEACHER CARE AN take the time to make sure you know what and why your doing something or an assignment . as you become a senior they make sure you are really prepared for the real world.
I would like to rate my experience "terrible", however, there were a FEW individuals who did help with my specific circumstances. Other than those individuals PSRC DOES NOT care about their students and their safety.
It’s ok. I used to live in PA and I moved to NC in 3rd grade. I was learning stuff in 5th grade (in Lumberton) that I had already learned from 2nd grade (in PA). So overall I feel like I am very behind on what I should be learning.
I went to the PSRC and so did all of my children. I now teach at one of its schools. You can get a quality education here. You get out of it what you put into it. The schools provide many opportunities to for students, parents and the community to get invoved. Administration does a good job of maintaining clean and safe facilities. Highly qualified teachers are hired from all over the our country. We have a large diversity of students. Robeson county does a good job of preparing students for college and the work force after school. Graduation rates continue to increase every year.
What I liked the most about Public schools of Robeson County is their ability to give every culture, race, and ethnicity the chance to become more. They do not discriminate against anyone and that is a great quality to have. What I would change is the amount of money that the schools are allowed to have. If we had more money we would be able to have better supplies for classes and better funding for educational oppertunites that could help the students understand and develop their own opinions on how they will be pat of the working class.
I like it cause the teachers are nice and are there to help you succeed. I wouldn't recommend changing anything.
Robeson county schools are a great learning environment, wouldn't change anything I advise other to attend to be one step closer to being able to go to college education is important and so is a high school diploma.
The funding for school in this area is very low. There aren't many extra curricular activities. My daughter only gets to take art class for one 9 week period. There has been some great teachers, but parental involvement is terribly low.
Honestly, the public schools in Lumberton are great. Every school has it's ups and downs, but the experience so far has been very enjoyable!
Public Schools of Robeson County is a good school with good teaching learning system. I would love to see this school improving its sports and extra activities in the school.
Public Schools of Robeson County has been really helpful in trying to get students ready for college and showing them how to prepare for the real world. Teachers and staff go out of their way to provide for students to they can strive and get out of their comfort zone and show the future generation that no matter where you came from, it's what you do what what you were given that determines how far you will go in life.
As a graduate from one of the schools from this district, I hope to see the attitudes of the students change and have all children of Robeson County strive for success.
I have been in the Public Schools for my entire life, we could have better technology and more supplies. The teachers care about you. They try to help you if you need it. Of all my years they have been there for me.
All Honors/AP/CCP teachers/instructors are very thoughtful about a students success in the high school, and College and Career Promise level.
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I liked working with the children and the staff was great. However, I believe the pay could be better and the school could use better resources for the students.
Overall, most of PSRC's problems stem from the fact that is it underfunded. Schools lack resources and are under-maintained.
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