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One of the things I absolutely love about Prosper ISD is that I know my children are in a place where they are loved and valued. It's not every district where your superintendent knows your kids' names. I think the School Administration is where the positivity starts and just trickles down into the classrooms. I think the teachers are in a supportive environment and that makes all the difference too.
Good busses, good education, and a new area overall with lots to do. The schools are very nice and a new one is being built called Rock Hill high school. It is supposed to be like a college campus so a lot of people are looking forward to it.
Wonderful staff and teachers. My child loves the food they serve and i love all the facilitys.All schools are kept very clean. Overall one of the best school districts in DFW.
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I love Prosper ISD mainly because the school is still growing and everyone has school spirit and loves being involved in the community. parades are huge int he town of prosper especially homecoming you do NOT want to miss out.
Prosper ISD is a rapidly growing school district. Administration is very connected to the community and provides an open door for discussion. The teachers actively work towards preparing students for their future and their college experience. Both teachers and administration are very accessible to parents and students. There is a broad variety of subjects for the students to engage in and the focus on infrastructure and building new schools will provide additional opportunities in the future.
Overall, the school for the average student is good, even considering some sloppy decisions surrounding the administration of the school.
The school is very nice but very big. Hopefully opening a new school next year will help alleviate some of the crowding.
I love how much spirit and school pride we can see compared to other school districts. I love the attention that is put into each and every student. Compared to other schools, Prosper High School is one of the safest and most violent free schools I know. My mom chose to enroll me in Prosper schools because of how calm and safe of an environment it is known for. I strongly believe Prosper ISD has given me everything I will need to succeed in the future and I cannot express how much I’m going to miss the memories it has left me.
its a good school for education however the school its self doesn't care about the student and just wants to look but the education for the art program is great here and i'm really happy i have the resources available to me
Prosper Independent School district is a very diverse, quality education district. It provides many opportunities to succeed for students and families for all ages and grades. Manke every students feel like its part of a whole community.
I could not be happier with Prosper ISD. The district is very well organized and well-led. Prosper ISD offers several programs for kids to explore. The teaching staff is incredible. They support and help their students grow. Prosper has blown me away with all the opportunities it has presented to me. In my old district, none of the electives PISD has were presented to me. Because of the opportunities, the district has offered me, I have been able to become myself, and find my passions. The district also provides a very safe and welcoming environment for students to learn. I am very grateful to be attending such an amazing school district.
This school district has an emphasis on community and the interactions. There are many great opportunities at this school, but, similar to the real world, you have to actively apply/search for them instead of waiting for them to come to you. Academically, I believe that this school is above average. The teachers I had at this school are one of the best ones I have had during my school life. The teachers expect a lot, but at the end of the day their methods help you for the finals and AP exams. Personally, I have not experienced or witnessed any sort of outward racial tension. However, that does not indicate that there are no cultural bubbles. There are many diverse friend groups and interactions, however the student body still drifts toward their own race. The school sprit has decreased over the years, so many people don't attend a lot of the school events, except for the football games.
My experience at PHS has been good academic wise and my relationships with the teachers are great. However, there’s a racist aspect when considering the behavior of the kids who attend the school. As a minority it can be discouraging entering a class and being the only person of color whilst students make sly comments to get under your skin. All in all, the administration does try its best to stop inappropriate student behavior and the counselors really are helpful and understanding.
The academics of the school district were on par for what I would expect from a high school. The high school's administration likes to overlook certain things, but that could just be me. I've attended Prosper ISD my entire school career, and feel somewhat dissatisfied with the changes that have occurred as of late.
Prosper is a pretty tough school district when it comes to both academics and sports, and they also don’t take safety lightly. The only real problems I have with the school are the admin and the counselors. The teachers are pretty laid back, but they still care enough to push you, whereas the administration seems to only care excessively about the schools reputation. The students are almost completely overlooked, but I don’t blame the school for being that way either. There are a lot of students in Prosper who are obnoxious and disrespectful, so the administration’s strict attitudes and lack of empathy is understandable.
It has a wide variety of extra curricular activities, and the teachers are very good about academics as well as your own personal physical and mental health
Prosper has many amazing programs that students can be a part of. They have everything from culinary to future teachers internships to agriculture. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. The fine arts program and sports are equally as amazing and have awesome teachers.
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Prosper ISD is a very good school district and the teachers truly have a passion for helping your child succeed! Diversity is something I feel Prosper ISD should look into broadening in order for minority children to feel included.
Excellent school district with overall terrific teachers. We moved to PISD 4 years ago from Frisco and have been very happy. Schools are a bit over crowded but are also adding new schools to keep up with the growth of the area.
Prosper is a wealthy district with many readily available resources that are used wisely, but they fall short in their ability to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong. This is due in part to their exponentially growing population, with over 3,000 students at the high school alone. They also have an almost comically large focus on athletics and drastically less (though still sufficient) attention on other extracurricular areas. I've found this focus to lead those not involved in sports to occasionally feel less important. Over all, though, the education one receives through Prosper is well-rounded and well taught.
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