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My experience at Princeton High School has been great!! I love the diversity, the teachers and being around my friends. I’d like to see a little more positivity among the students, and the school being a little more organize but other than that I love the school and wouldn’t trade it for nothing.
If I had the opportunity to go back to my freshman year of high school and pick a new building to attend, I'd pass up the offer. Princeton is really the melting pot of Cincinnati OH. We're exposed to so many different people coming from so many different backgrounds. There is mix of people coming from many different social economic classes and just so many different stories. Our motto here is that Princeton is preparing us for college, career and life success. Their efforts are really represented with the love our administration team has for their jobs and their dedication to push each and every one of us to be better people. From the assemblies that are hosted to the recognition of excellence in our building, we get to see how much they care for us. We have amazing teachers who don't look at their jobs as being their jobs, more like their second set of children that they are helping learn about the world. Princeton High School is really an amazing building and an wonderful school.
Princeton is one of the most diverse schools in the State and is is amazing that I get to be apart of it. We also have the best music program in Southwest Ohio and being apart of it is honorable.
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Our experience with Princeton City Schools has been awesome. Having lived within the district over course of many years it has provided a solid educational and music foundation, loads of opps for extracurricular activities and community involvement, and allowed me to develop lasting relationships with friends, teachers and families. I’m just another link as my parents also went to Princeton.
They provided me with everything I needed to succeed and become a strong, respectful, person with integrity. Princeton became like my home and I made some of my most meaningful teacher and peer connections there. I'll always be grateful for what this school offered me and how far they helped me come. Highly recommend it!
Princeton has strength through diversity. They offer a wide range of academics and opportunities. Cutting edge on workforce development for students. BEST music program in the country! Amazing teachers and staff!!
Frankly Princeton Highschool is an interesting place, the education is nice however it is easy to get distracted while attempting to gain an education due to drama.
I love the diversity and the teachers. Princeton offers AP and IB credit, which I was able to transfer for college credit. Music department is amazing so are the sports. I was able to be Dorothy I'm the Wizard of Oz play and lacrosse captain.
Hi my name is Micah dukes and I go to scarlet oaks for the dental assisting program. They have allowed me to get a head start in my career as far as getting able to go out into the workforce while still going to school.
This school district is amazing. The staff ands students are very diverse to create a unique culture. Princeton is making strides to being one of the best schools in ohio.
my experience at Princeton was never dull to say the least. i enjoyed my time there but made the decision to attend scarlet oaks to begin my career path. What i would like to change is the bullying, which i think happens in every school. I'd like for everyone to be kind and get along
I moved here to Cincinnati Ohio, the school provides wonderful opportunities much better then my old school have very pleasant learning experience and the teachers and administrators and every one is helpful and really nice!
Princeton High school has given me great tools to succeed in college and in life. We as students were taught with a high standard curriculum that helped with future endeavors. Princeton has the biggest achievement of diversity, from the faculty to the students. We were highly fortunate to receive the knowledge of different cultures and go to a school that was so accepting of people being different.
Moving on to higher purposes, in college, I realized how fortunate I was for Princeton's curriculum. I found that there were many people from different schools that didn't receive a fraction of higher level knowledge that Princeton provided for their students.
My only issue was I wished for fairness between sports. Football always managed to receive for attention than any other sport, which is common in most schools but should be changed. Baseball also managed to received more attention than softball and what they needed. Princeton needs to change their ability to be fair to all sports.
Princeton is a diverse environment introducing students to people from many backgrounds providing an understanding of what others face. The music program makes students into musicians even those who hadn't even picked up an instrument before. I don't think Princeton gets enough credit for what it provides to students.
Princeton is the greatest High School in the United States of America. We are Literally the most diverse school in the State of Ohio. There are SOME teachers that are politically and fiscally intellectual. When teachers get away from the state mandated education they teach and educate the best.
There is a lot of opportunity to find a class that suits your passion. There is a variety of classes at Princeton. I would like to see better counselor assistance in ensuring the student is on the right track for career goals. Need to take appropriate classes starting freshman year.
Is a big school with a lot of student and there are a lot of nice teacher helping out a student in there class work. and is a good school to learn a lot of things
an there are lot of different culture .
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As a student, I overall enjoy my time at Princeton High. However, I and many other students have shown concern about the building being made of glass. It becomes a chore during active shooter drills when we have to board up the glass windows into the classroom. Other than that, there are no other problems with Princeton High School.
I feel like there could be a better preparation for college rather than waiting until the senior year of a student to tell them everything needed, and what’s important. While waiting til their senior year can make them adjust a little more than they’d expected and perferred. I am a athlete and there are a lot of things as an athlete I have to complete that would’ve been better to know a year or two ago.
My favorite part about this school was the culture and diversity. You see people from all different backgrounds getting along and it's what you'd want our world today to look like. The faculty and the students were great.
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