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What I like about Prince William County Schools is that it has propelled me to achieve. I like my teachers and they have developed my study habits and challenged me to excel. My favorite subject is Math because I like solving equations. I like the way my math teacher provides instruction as he makes the content of the class interesting. I am so grateful to be in the AP Scholars program as this will prepare me for college. The level of course work offered in this program has provided me with time management skills and has helped me to develop a strong study and work ethic. In addition, Prince William County Schools offer sports and I enjoy participating in track and field which enhances my athletic skills. Sports has taught me a valuable lesson, never to give up whether you win or loss.
Have been in this district 15 years. Very well run. Teachers care. High parent involvement. Plenty of after school activities
Prince William County Schools has been an experience that I would not pass up if I was given the chance. A majority of the schools have at least a few teachers that care about their students greatly and want to see student succeed. However, Steve Waltz is a sleazebag who doesn’t actually care about the students or their well-being, all he cares about is how he looks in the public’s eye. Also, the schools are not equally funded, with the newer schools (in predominantly white areas) are given more money and funding. Zoning is done in a manner than separates students by socioeconomic class and affords the students with more money better opportunities.
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Going through the majority of my schooling career in Prince William County has been a great experience for me. From the teachers who try their hardest to make sure you understand the material, to the students who are competitive and motivate others to reach their full potential, and also the attendance to all the different activities the schools have. Prince William County has felt like one big family to me through these past years and I can't thank them enough for making my educational experience as great as it has been.
The county and superintendent really care for the students! I had an amazing time in this county and there are so many opportunities to grow and learn here!
I like the initiative to be inclusive across all school levels and across all grades. Most, if not all of my teachers, have been very inclusive in regards to assignments as well as being allowed the option to choose what you want to do. For many of my projects in the past, we have been given the option between 2-5 things that we could possibly do as the project and then we had to pick the 2 that we wanted to do from that list. What I would like to see changed is the emphasis on the grade. It seems that all schools across the nation, not just within my county, have increasingly put an exaggerated emphasis on the physical letter grade rather than making sure the knowledge is actually obtained and remembered by the students. This increases stress levels for those students, such as myself, who constantly strive for perfection, even when the bar is put really high.
I go to Charles Colgan Sr. High school, and it’s wonderful. Obviously, I can’t say that every teacher is 100% perfect, but the vast majority of teachers there are excellent. The music department is astounding, although I think the multi-hundred thousand dollar piano is not a good use of funds. I get it’s the performing arts school, and it would be worth the money for how often it’s used, but that’s a different thing entirely. The school is well constructed, with plenty of natural light, and is visually stunning, for a high school.
I believe the test retake policy should be no longer in effect. I believe it sets them up for failure in life and teaches them they life will give them a second chance. Not always is the case.
I loved all the experience regarding special programs they provide for their students. They give each and every student to explore who they are. They have something for everyone! I do wish they would try have more communication with students. I wish there was more activities regarding the school and policies that had student involvement. I wish that there was more attention being paid to underclassmen. Most of of the faculty is highly focused on senior which is understandable, yet underclassmen should be able to trust their counselors if there is a problem regarding a class or someone personal. I also wish there would be more school whom do an internship program for their senior to give the real world career experience ahead of college.
I believe the Prince Willam County Public Schools are full of a very diverse, well round group of faculty and staff. I believe that students receive the best education, and are fully prepared when they go off to college. But not just with college, there are many trade school opportunities that prepare students for practical nursing as well as cosmetology. I no longer live in the area, but when I do decide to have children I sincerely want my children to receive the same opportunities, and education that I did in Prince William County
The superintendent is very involved with the whole district. There are very fun school rivalries but we will all band together to fight important issues. I wish all the schools were updated and had windows.
PWC Schools, Battlefield High School in particular is one of the smartest educational decisions I ever made for my kids in my life. Not only are the educators at Battlefield quality instructors that care about our kids, the school employs 3-4 Virginia/PWC Police Officers to maintain a presence at the school every single day. The officers get to know the kids, the kids understand that they are in a safe environment and there literally is no chance for harm to come to your children at a PWC school. The Police presence is impressive, it is great to see them develop positive relationships with the Teenagers, but mostly it relieves the mind of a parent to know there will be no harm done to my child while he or she is at school today. Both of mine graduated and went onto 4 year Universities and are now very successful young professionals but it all started with getting them to the right place at the right time.
Prince William cares about the students and most importantly, they are excellent in making parents aware of what’s going on at the schools. Their message methods are great and it’s easy to understand. Information is key with Prince William County Schools.
I like how Prince William County is so diverse. This county is so big, but the community is small. It feels like a were all one big melting pot of a family.
What I really liked about Prince William Public Schools that we ensured that our students felt ready for their future. That they had the resources that we needed In order to succeed in the areas we wanted. I also loved that they had connections to people to help in certain areas a student was passionate about instead of throwing them under the bus.
Steve Walts is king. Our schools are your average high schools. Some are nicer and newer than others. They do an okay job at keeping things running smoothly. Always activities going on.
I moved here about 2 years ago, I fell in love with my school and teachers. They are all so sweet and want you to do the best in life, they push you to your limits so you can do your best.
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Prince William has a set of adequate schools. There is a wide range of high schools you can attend for occupations of your interest. The county can greatly improve in preparing students for life after high school, college readiness, and to communicate with students about graduating requirements. Like all school districts Prince William County has it's pros and cons. The preparation of moving throughout school levels is very poor which leads to students coming into the next level unprepared mentally. The county also has many good resources that improve learning, and make instruction easier to understand. The community is very multicultural and diverse which gives students and all around perspective. Overall Prince William County is a decent district with much potential.
Great schools with great teachers, very caring and understanding. Awesome place to learn and grow. Prince William county is a large county but they manage to keep their students on their feet and help them reach their goals
Prince William county schools has provided me with great teachers and a well rounded experience. The hands on experiences throughout my years and intense rigor has prepared me for college. I feel confident that with learning citizenship skills, building character within all 3 schools as pillars of their education that I’m ready to succeed in life!
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