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What I like about Preston School District is how they are able to work with the students with their needs. If a student is struggling with work within school or financial needs, the school works with them. We also are getting more and more electives which could help students achieve their careers. We are starting a cosmetology course, and an entrepreneurship course as well. While the district might have an interesting way of dealing with some challenges, it is always done with the best interest towards the students.
I feel like I have had to do a lot of my college readieness on my own and not gotten a lot of help from school counselors but mainly my parents. I have loved the SEITEC programs offered to students that can be taken as daily class.
I love the atmosphere and the new 5-Star student development recently added! They have amazing teachers and an incredible sports program!
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Great school, I learned a lot from some of my teachers and they helped me prepare for college. Sports are awesome we have an awesome basketball team and great community!
I love the community. It is a small town and full of kind, loving people. There a plenty of great teachers who love their students and want to see them succeed. The school could use improvements is preparing students for the real world. Some teachers just teach to have students memorize and do not care for their overall well being. If the school had more funding and if the school board used it well, the school could see huge improvements.
Preston school district has some of the most caring teachers and employees who want to see the success of their students. My recommendation for the district would be to have a priority to hire teachers certified to teach the individual subjects.
I actually really like my school. There will probably be things that I disagree with, but the staff and teachers we have are pretty great.
I really enjoyed attending Preston Joint School District. All of the teachers were very nice and well educated.
I enjoyed my educational experience at Preston High. It gave me life long experiences and helped me accomplish several goals that I had set for myself. I enjoy all the sporting events and clubs that I am apart of. I love Preston High School and all it has to offer me.
Preston has been my high school for all three years. I loved the teachers there, and they do so much to make school enjoyable. However, the school places way too much focus on sports and no focus at all on academic achievement. The school also has no funding to get new books, supplies, desks, projectors, or anything else that teachers need to teach. But of course, they have plenty of money to build new gyms and get new equipment for sports .
In our district and school sports is the main focus. Our math program has really been struggling. The teachers hardly know what they are teaching but still expect us to get it. There is one good and advanced program in our school though, this would be the Ag Program. While our Ag Program is advancing the school does not support them.
Preston High School is a great high school to attend if you are willing to apply yourself to your studies. I wouldn't change a thing, except for the math program!
I like the college classes available to me. I wish the Freshmen and Sophomore teachers were better. The Counselors are no the best sometimes. They do not help me very much. I like the close nit community i am in.
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