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Poway Unified School District Reviews

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Very approachable. It has a lot of resources for students to have a better learning experience. The teachers are extremely talented and provide students the tool needed to be successful not just in high school but in life itself. They have top-notch technology so students can learn better, have larger libraries as well as the freedom for children to create any club they want that best suits their interests. It has a lot of diversity and makes students feel very safe on campus with effective and clear protocols to follow if ever in a state of emergency.
I think Poway Unified School district is a very good district and I appreciate the diversity of the schools. I have never felt out of place here and I generally enjoy attending school here. The only issue I have is some of the teachers. One particular teacher I had was very impatient and he would lash out of the students. I don't think the teacher's personal lives should affect their teaching, and if they need to, they can take some time off. This teacher did not do that and it made me dread coming to his class every day. However, there have been a lot more teachers that I have loved and that made me love coming to school. Overall, there are a few teachers that should be considered to go to sensitivity training or take some time off, but the amazing teachers outweigh the inadequate ones.
This school district is really good they make sure every student is loved and involved in a lot of programs and makes sure that students are doing well in school. They do everything they can to make sure not just the students are happy but the parents and teachers as well.
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what I like about poway unified school district is the all the variety of sports or clubs they have so you can get involved in your school and community. What I would want to change is probably the food and the diversity and cultures the schools have
Overall great environment to grow up in. Was there from Kindergarten all the way through high school.
This school district truly cares about the betterment of the students and overall wants the best for each student. Athletics are great and the students are super friendly towards one another. School spirit is a little lacking in some areas but other than that a very good school district.
The PUSD is located in a strong community within Southern California and has some of the best schools in the state. There are several campuses resonated throughout 4s Ranch, Poway, and Rancho Bernardo areas. Teachers are very friendly and care for their students. Students are introduced to a diverse setting and encouraged to engage in their community, through school clubs and activities.
As a student who has been in this district since kindergarten, I have witnessed the growth and development of Poway Unified School District firsthand. As I have gotten to high school in this district, I have discovered that the district itself is not very diverse, with the overwhelming majority of school populations being white. However, the district is also very good at including all students in school activities, clubs, and sports.
Poway Unified School District offers a wide range of diversity and activities for teachers, students, and staff to participate in. There are many opportunities to enhance an individual's involvement in school. Not only are these recreations visionary, but the education level is also advanced and offers a variety of courses to help students and family become more prepared for college and life after high school.
The teachers are all very supportive and provide the best education they can. The community at my school is amazing, I feel safe and welcome every time I walk on campus. The academics in my district are phenomenal as well. While I am taking the courses necessary I am academically challenged and am always learning something new. The innovation of my district is outstanding too. With new schools that utilize technology frequently in the classroom and approach learning and teaching in new ways, the Poway Unified School District is with out a doubt giving me an outstanding education.
The majority of my teachers were highly influential towards my growth as a young adult. I was able to participate in many leadership positions which helped me break out of my shell. Overall, I’m very happy with my high school experience.
My experience at Poway Unified School District has not only academically challenged me, but has helped me grow into the women I am today. It has helped me to be able to explore my interest through various courses offered. Poway Unified has definitely prepared me to be future focused and be ready for all the challenges in college.
The Poway Unified School District is a safe environment where students have the resources to learn. The facilities are up to date, which creates a safe environment. The teachers are well informed about the topic they are teaching and the students seem to like all of them.
The staff at Rancho Bernardo High School is friendly and optimistic. We always have fun break and lunch time activities to encourage school spirit and strong mental health. They provide a safe learning environment with clean campuses.
I had a good experience at all the schools I attended in the Poway Unified School District. Teachers were excellent and the culture was generally positive although it may have lacked some diversity.
I had an okay experience in the Poway Unified School District. I am currently in twelfth grade at Westview High and have been at Westview for almost nine years now. I went to middle school here as well as some elementary school.
I love my school because there is not a lot of hate violence or any at all and we are all unified. What else is there to say. That is why we are such a good school district.
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Poway Unified is a very diverse community and has a lot to offer. In my experience, teachers have been kind and good instructors, with only a handful of exceptions. Students are prepared for college since the start of high school and encouraged to take AP classes.
Overall, I had a good experience with Poway Unified School District. I went to elementary, middle school, and high school within this district. The schools I have attended were all great schools. The education I received was very good, as well as the teachers and staff. I feel well prepared to graduate and attend college because my schools have taught me the skills and topics I need to succeed.
Overall the school district is trying to do its best. However the vaping , drug use etc. has to have very severe consewuences. The few bad apples will become the majority.
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