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Poway Unifed School District is a safe environment that allows students to furthur their education. This district is very supportive and pushes you to be at your best at all times. I enjoyed going here and I have created life long friends. The academics are outstanding along with the athletics.
I feel like the Poway Unified School district provided me with an excellent education. I had the opportunity to take rigorous classes and access to all the resources and teachers I needed to excel.
My school was excelling and I had a fantastic experience there. I was able to learn a lot and was provided with many options for extracurricular activities.
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I feel that, while there are many good schools in PUSD, some are not great at all. My elementary school, for example, wasn't too good. In 5th grade I took the math Map test, to determine if I could join advanced math in 6th grade. I was 2 points off from the score, meaning I could retest. However, my elementary school didn't let me retest. I was put in regular math for all of middle school, and finally jumped to higher math classes when entering 9th grade. I skipped an entire grade of math, yet I kept up fine in high school math. I believe my elementary school should've given more opportunity for students with potential to take higher level classes. Going into senior year, I wanted to transfer my outside AP language credits onto my transcript. But my school only offers up to 20 transferable credits, and I had already reached it. The registrar told me that she couldn't remove my past lower level class credits since it was already on my transcript, but she had done that for me before.
The community of the schools in the area is welcoming and abundant. The programs are well-maintained, and academic excellence is possible for all students. There should be more programs for students of all interests.
The Poway Unified School District is the second largest district in Sab Diego County. I attended school there from K-12. The schools fully prepared me for my college education. The classes were challenging, and the teachers really care about the students.
They do their best with the budget they have. Parents are active in the school district. That is a plus. I just wish Federal and State gov can get their act together and fund all schools appropriately.
Poway Unified School District strives for diversity, inclusion, and college readiness for all students. This district prioritizes the safety and academic excellence of all children. Students within this district are given opportunities, and a sense of community beginning in TK all the way to senior year in high school.
Very student-friendly but the education within students regarding sexual orientation, race, and other humane aspects tend to lack and the school isn't pushing or pulling from the topic often.
Poway Unifed is a great school district. I have never had any problems with them as they are always accommodating and I find no trouble learning.
While I believe that I am very blessed to go to a school with ample resources and opportunities, I feel like there is so much pressure on academics. It is such a competitive environment and many falter under that pressure. It is important to focus on school work, but that isn't the only thing that creates character. I feel like we lack in creative areas, and even in the sports departments. Our personal worth should not be measured by the grades we receive. It is important to look for what makes us happy and pursue those hobbies.
I have always felt loved and cared for by the Poway Unified School District staff. The teachers have pushed me to achieve things I never knew were possible, but in the best ways. I always felt like my school was a safe place to be at due to the accepting staff and clean environment.
PUSD offers a wide variety of High Schools to choose from. If you are into agriculture you should attend Poway High School. If you are looking to study a vocational job you should go to Mt Carmel High School. Students with higher academic studies pursuits, you can choose to attend Del Norte High School, Rancho Bernardo High School or Westview HS.
Being a part of the Poway Unified School district has opened me to many opportunities both academically and athletically. As a Poway Titan, I have been given many opportunities to show my potential at the next level. This school has provided me not only resources that will aid me for the rest of my education, but also friends and experiences that I will forever cherish and recommend to all that are able to attend Poway High or Poway Unified School District. In this District, one can achieve many of their goals thanks to the endless support from staff and faculty. I can honestly say that if it weren't for this school and district, I would not be pursuing my dream of being a Division 1 student-athlete at the University of San Diego.
We have lived in PUSD now since 2010. All four of our children have gone through or currently going through this incredible school district.

The numbers for reading and math proficiency just do not simply reflect what we have witnessed first hand. All of our children read above the national and local averages. Their math scores also do not reflect what this site is reporting (and certainly don't mean to say the numbers are wrong, but I these numbers to me just seem way too low compared to the education our children are getting). This includes our friends as well who live within the Poway school district.

All of my kids' teachers are and have been fantastic! I can't praise them enough for their dedication and love they have for our greatest resource.

You cannot go wrong at all to send your precious little ones (and not so little ones) to this incredible school district!
I really liked how they made sure everyone got the education they deserved. Tests and school work were made to be challenging yet allow us to learn. Many great teachers as I grew up here.
PUSD has the best teachers in San Diego who really care about your education. Additionally, all the schools are very modern and have up to date technology.
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Mt Carmel High School has a great culture, probably the best vibe out of all the PUSD high schools. You would never know that our sports teams don't win everything because our Red Sea in the stands is always full.
The academics are very good because they have the resources available to them so that they can create the best academic courses possible. Some of the courses Many of the schools are in a very diverse area.
Poway schools are not the same I grew up in. I came back when I had my kids and they had special needs and now they are not getting what they need. The Special Ed has gone down hill and the bullying is at the worst high.
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