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I moved here to Portage in 6th grade and I think it is a good school district however their is a very big issue with diversity and lack of representation in the teachers and students also their is favoritism between the two high school In favor of Portage Central (There is a economic gap between the two schools) Portage Northern gets the scraps of whatever Central gets because the students there are able to pay people ( ex. refs) to help their favor
Portage Public Schools offers great opportunities both in academics as well as extracurricular. Both the middle schools and high schools support the arts and entertainment fields, and the district, in general, supports vocational training through KRESA Education for Employment.
The teachers are great and make it easy to learn. I would changed the amount of time for lunch because it is a long stressful day and students need a break
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I go to Portage Central High School, and I really do love it. The teaching staff is amazing and our principle takes the time to get to know and learn each and everyone of the students by name which is amazing and makes me feel so special especially when you go to the school with a near 1300 other students. The thletics at our school are really top-notch as well. the only thing I wish I could change about my school is the lack of diversity within race and culture because our demographics tend to be pretty, boring. But besides that love the school and love the people.
Portage has a great curriculum and makes it possible to succeed even for the students that have the hardest time to get there. Although, many teachers have a "choosing favorites" attitude and I had a hard time with the kids I went to school with.
I had a great experience at PPS, the teachers were mostly great and the academics were high quality. I made great friends and the range of extracurriculars offered was excellent.
Portage Public Schools is a very good district to go to. It is very safe and clean. The teachers care about their students greatly. The level of education is rigorous and it will prepare you for college really well. The athletic department is really good and there are many sports to choose from. The clubs and activites are second to nowhere and there is something for everyone to get invoved in.
There is a wide range of activities to get involved in and it is overall a friendly and safe environment to learn in.
Overall it's one of the best school districts to be apart of in Kalamazoo County. A lot of the staff is very friendly and truly care about their students. They push you to be some of the best people you can be. The after school programs are also really fun to be apart of and the clubs ran by students are wonderful. However, they handle bullying cases not as well as they should be handled. I have seen many cases of bullying not dealt with even after it was brought up to staff. Also, they are very test and "college ready" heavy. Standardized testing has more negative outcomes than positive ones. Students shouldn't be judged by a number. They also prepare you for college but not everyone wants to go. They don't seem to understand that not everyone is willing to go and there are some other great options out there.
I feel that Portage Public Schools prides itself on providing an education to children that is unlike any other school. Some classes are very rigorous but they are very beneficial to life outside of school. I love the many clubs and sports that Portage Public Schools offers considering that a lot of schools do not offer half of the club/sports that Portage does.
Portage Public Schools is, overall, a great school district. With vast resources available to the students, opportunities for learning and growth are constantly presenting themselves. The academics are designed to be flexible and personalized, with a vast assortment of class options, including the IB curriculum. It is a great choice for a self-driven student.
I do like Portage Central but I think more could be done. The focus is mainly on athetics rather than art or music which is under appreciated
Had a good high school experience at Portage Central High School. There were a lot of ways to be involved through a variety of clubs, events, sports, volunteering and academic activities. Advanced classes are good for preparing students for college and offer a way to earn college credits. Most of the buildings and facilities are in the process of being rebuilt or were built recently which allows for a better experience for the students. Most teachers care about their students and want them to succeed.
For the past four years, Portage Public Schools has provided me with resources to which will help me find success in my academic career in college.
Rigorous curriculum, with teachers that challenge you, but also genuinely care about your well being and want you to succeed. They don't "hold your hand", but prepare you for college and push to try your hardest. Most students are friendly and kind, and care about the community that they live in.
Portage public schools is a very good school district for kids in elementary school and somewhat middle shool. Once you hit high school many of the teachers do not care much about the students learning. There are many unfair teaching skills that teachers use that frustrate many kids. Many of the teachers don’t care to be there to help students, rather they are there for the money. This does not apply for the elementary schools though.
I liked the variety of classes. It prepared me well for college. I did not like the IB program. I would prefer AP classes.
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When going to portage schools, i always felt wanted and apart of the community. The teachers were very informed and the students cared about everyone.
I really liked how much the teachers care about their students and their education. I felt cared for and I felt very prepared for college. I built great relationships with the students and staff at the school and I felt supported by all of them.
My experience with portage northern has been great my brother went here as well. The school is beautiful and all the staff is very welcoming
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