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PPS is a wonderful example of what a good education system looks like. They hire staff that genuinely care for their students and know how to teach. Their focus is on teaching students how to understand and grow in their though processes. Creativity and analytics are great factors in determining a students growth, and PPS never lets their students fail at this.
There are good opportunities for students here! With honors, AP, and IB classes available, it gets students ready for college well. I wish it would be more diverse, however Portage as a city isn’t the most diverse either.
Portage Public Schools is an amazing school community, and prepares its students well for university!
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Portage Public Schools as a district does a fantastic job with maintenance and the running of it's schools, especially since it is one of the few towns that has 2 high schools within its jurisdiction. As a student, I see the administration actively taking apart of the lives of its students, and they are always trying to incorporate ways to get the student body involved with and briefed on the changes or decisions of the schools. It has been a pleasure to be learning in this district for my primary and secondary education.
I loved PPS. They all care about their students, in my experience. My friends find that isn't true at first, but if they push, they get the results they want. Teachers are always very understanding and are able to have fun with their students as well as teaching them what they need to understand.
I liked most of the teachers and believed they were all there bc they truly cared about the students and wanted to teach. However, I wish that the school district had more support towards womens athletics not just mens.
My experience at Portage Public Schools has been unbelievable for many reasons. For starters, the variety of classes. The ability to choose from a huge curriculum helps students find classes they are truly interested in. Next, the connection with teachers. When teachers are able to understand the student and form a connection it helps the learning process tremendously. Finally, the overall community at sporting events. Sporting events bring students closer together and help them form friendships. Events like Football, Soccer, Basketball and Hockey also encourage school spirit within the students. All in all Portage Public schools is a great district, but there are some things I would change. At Portage Central you can only go off campus your Junior and Senior Year. I would change that requirement and allow students to go off campus for lunch all four years. This grants students a break from school. I would also change the ability to carry backpacks to class.
Growing up in the Portage community and around the teachers that make Portage High such a wonderful school. The teachers take the time to teach each student and to make accomidations when the student needs them. A few teachers that have postively impacted my high school career would be Mr. Baas, my sophmore and junior english teacher, as well as Mrs.Eichstaedt, my design teacher as well as health teacher. They have both taught me how to grow as an individual as well how to be a well prepared adult as I leave high school.
I am a high school senior and have attended Portage Public Schools for my entire K-12 education. I have had a good experience with this district. There has been no bullying (that I have seen at least), no bad teachers, and it was overall a good experience. I have seen one thing however. This can be seen in schools all across America, but there is more of a focus on statistics and profit rather than actual learning. I feel like I am only there to get a good grade.
Portage Public Schools has helped many students to succeed. Whether it be the courses offered, amazing teachers, or the beautiful buildings, Portage Public Schools has given students more opportunities than most public schools. The strong academics provide students with a wide variety of courses in order to find a career that they may want to pursue. The loving teachers and staff have created connections with students, showing them that they are not alone in the world. The nice air conditioned classes ensure students a comfortable and safe learning environment in order to provide maximum potential for success. I will never regret going to a Portage Public School, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that come with going to these schools.
I loved the ability to study in an IB and humanities program and still have the opportunity to attend a local STEM KAMSC. Portage is supportive by offering multiple dual enrollment and EFA/EFE programing that gives everyone the opportunity for an individualized pathway after graduation. This environment enabled me to be accepted at all my top college choices.
Portage Public Schools sticks close to my heart. My Mom works for them and I have been attending them. The staff at PPS have never failed to give me the help I need to succeed academically. Every once in a while there may have been one or to staff members that did not really represent PPS very well, but the other teachers and staff made up for it. Also, PPS always has had outstanding facilities and materials. have always had access to a computer when necessary, or any other electronics I might need. I have been able to efficiently learn and make a lot of friends on the way. Because of PPS, I have made many long life time friends with other students and staff. With this said I would say my PPS experience was very good.
I liked all the educational opportunities at this school, but I felt disconnected to the people at the school.
Portage Public Schools have a good system going, and have many opportunities for attending students. They have decent art programs, AP classes, IB classes and more. They definitely value sports highly which brings spirit to many of the students. The teachers are understanding and easy to talk to. The staff take things such as bullying and threats seriously. I feel comfortable at my school. My only complaints would have to be that the school is not very diverse and many students act quite entitled.
I moved here to Portage in 6th grade and I think it is a good school district however their is a very big issue with diversity and lack of representation in the teachers and students also their is favoritism between the two high school In favor of Portage Central (There is a economic gap between the two schools) Portage Northern gets the scraps of whatever Central gets because the students there are able to pay people ( ex. refs) to help their favor
Portage Public Schools offers great opportunities both in academics as well as extracurricular. Both the middle schools and high schools support the arts and entertainment fields, and the district, in general, supports vocational training through KRESA Education for Employment.
The teachers are great and make it easy to learn. I would changed the amount of time for lunch because it is a long stressful day and students need a break
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I go to Portage Central High School, and I really do love it. The teaching staff is amazing and our principle takes the time to get to know and learn each and everyone of the students by name which is amazing and makes me feel so special especially when you go to the school with a near 1300 other students. The thletics at our school are really top-notch as well. the only thing I wish I could change about my school is the lack of diversity within race and culture because our demographics tend to be pretty, boring. But besides that love the school and love the people.
Portage has a great curriculum and makes it possible to succeed even for the students that have the hardest time to get there. Although, many teachers have a "choosing favorites" attitude and I had a hard time with the kids I went to school with.
I had a great experience at PPS, the teachers were mostly great and the academics were high quality. I made great friends and the range of extracurriculars offered was excellent.
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