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I like the teachers and how they try to push you to do your best and help you get ready for your future.
Great marching band, color guard, and German program. The band and marching band get to experience a wide variety of travel opportunities from around Wisconsin, the United States, and Europe. With the German program, students have many opportunities for involvement including German Club, German National Honor Society and travel.
Portage High School offers many advanced course and STEM opportunities to prepare students for college or work experience.
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I would like to see half days on Fridays brought back. I would also like to see the school year start and end later like many other schools in the country so that school doesn’t have to go into June. Summer should be a time for working and spending free time with friends, not school. I would also like to see the school board listen to students and their opinions more often instead of writing them off immediately or not even listening in the first place. The people who know the best course of action are the students that actually have to experience the changes made everyday.
The administration doesn't do anything above and beyond for the students in the district. Some of their priorities are not in line with those of the schools, students, and parents in the district.
I liked the role that academics played in the school's atmosphere. Since there are sports team who don't necessarily perform as well as surrounding school districts, Portage takes great pride in the academics program and the extracurricular activities that they offer. However, I would like to see a more diverse population of students, more community involvement with the students, and a better development of community in the actual school itself.
My 3rd grader is doing great however i had fivsend my 9th grader back to the city portage isnt the place for a young African-American Boy
Portage High School was a very decent school for a town as small as Portage. The teachers were great except a select few. My biggest complaint as far as academics was the lack of AP classes and other college credit opportunities. I would like to see AP classes offer for psychology or foreign language. However, the school does seem to be adding more opportunities to get college credit, such as PIE courses through UW Whitewater. I would also like to see more emphasis on arts programs, but for the size of the school, the music program and staff is excellent.
I could not ask for a better school. The system is set for every individual to achieve greatness. Portage High school has one of the highest grading scales in the state. Many students see this as a disadvantage, but I see it as an opportunity to gain. Portage has prepared me for the next chapter of my life. The only objective I believe could change is their funding towards certain departments. A lot of the students enjoy some of the more complex levels of work such as machining or higher level sciences with complex labs. I would like to see my school strive to improve this.
Portage is an amazing school with a variety of courses for everyone, depending on which path life paves for you. Mrs. Robin Kvalo is the most caring principal I have ever known and to be in a school under her watch, I am truly grateful and honored.
I enjoyed my time at Portage High School. I liked the teachers. I participated in many different activities. The atmosphere was enjoyable. The academics were great.
I have only been at Portage for a year but over that year I have notice so much. One thing that stuck out to me was the lack of help they have for student especially for new student such as myself that are not use to their grading system. I also notice the lack of diversity that is there, but I think that's just a thing that would alway be that way because of the location of the school.
Administration is not the best. Principal is a try-hard. Lots of different clubs, organizations, and teams to join though. Most teachers are very helpful and understanding. Vice principal is a dick. Counselors are ready to assist whenever. Lots of opportunities for students of all different levels.
Portage Community School District had great support for students of many backgrounds. At times, Portage Community School District is very political and you get further by your last name instead of the effort you put in. The teachers and coaches need to work on treating everyone the same instead of picking favorites based on name.
Portage High School has overall been a good experience. They school district makes it a priority to provide their students with cutting edge technology. Each of the high school students are provided with a Chromebook, which also prepares them for their future endeavors. The school districts ensures that their students are prepared for the future. Recently, they held a career fair the students to network with local businesses. The school provides their students to get involved through many clubs, athletics, musical, and theatrical opportunities.
The Portage Community School District has been a great environment to grow up in. From Pre-K through 12th grade I have had incredibly supportive adults in my life, teachers and coaches. Although I do feel bad for the teachers that don't receive adequate pay because of the limited budget through the superintendent, the teachers that are a part of the Portage Community School District are passionate about what they do and care about their students.
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