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Port Washington Union Free School District Reviews

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I loved my elementary years and my time at Schreiber. While my Weber experience was sub par it was worth it to move on to the amazing environment and independence at Schreiber.
The Port Washington Union Free School District has provided me with an all-accepting educational community for the past 12 years, and I have been fortunate enough to have such a strong support system working alongside me in my studies. Although more recently the athletic rankings may have been on a decline, the spirit/ camaraderie seen between the huge crowd of students/ staff who come out to supPORT has definitely not. Students are encouraged to take an active role in the school community, making new clubs and social media accounts for clubs/ teams, and entertainment events afterschool at Paul D. Schreiber High School. These include a musical and play, orchestrated by the exceptional theatre/ arts program, and an event entirely unique to Schreiber... Schreiber Slam. It is held to raise money for childhood cancer research after a student passed away due to brain cancer, and it features Schreiber teachers competing in stagged UFC style fighting matches.
Port Washington feels like a campus with the high school and middle school sharing the same road and connected by the track and fields. There is a great vibe of school pride with all the sports that are offered. If you are not into sports there is a club available for everyone.
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Everyone who works with the school is very passionate about what they do and they work hard to make sure that no student is left behind. In my time in the school system I've seen teachers work tirelessly with students to ensure that every student lives up to their full potential.
Wonderful faculty that actually tries to help students achieve better grades. The classes, or at least some of them, are fun and informative and are enriching. I just wish that there was more school spirit, as most of the students just want the day to end. High school is the last chance to have fun, but many people are just wishing for it to pass by. You have to take advantage of high school and have fun before you go off into the real world!
Very good school district. Incredible opportunities for our kids. Safe. Diverse. Technology advanced. Very involved parents. Great administration and teachers. We are lucky to have found this place.
Growing up in Port Washington and attending an elementary school, middle school, and high school in this town has shown me the real meaning of community. Members of Port Washington are always coming together to find solutions to help better improve our schools. No matter how high or low one may be on the board of education or if they're not on the board at all, everyone's opinion is shared and heard. The Port Washington Union Free School District has helped my education journey be a smooth one. I have never had any problems at any of the schools nor have my siblings. The schools in Port Washington should continued to be noticed for all the outstanding activities and programs they offer.
Port Washington has amazing opportunities for student involvement and the academics are exemplary. The guidance department works hard to help the students find the perfect fit in terms of classes, teachers, and during the college search. The support is amazing and my favorite thing about the school district is the diversity. With a mix of people from different backgrounds with differing ideologies, I feel more prepared for my future endeavors. The schools are very progressive and the facilities are great, allowing for exploration in numerous topics such as product design, with 3-D printers. I am fortunate to go to a school in the Port Washington Union Free School District.
The best schools around from K-12. Prepares students for college very well. Extremely diverse and safe for people of all genders, religions and sexual orientations. In the high school their is a club or activity for everyone. Great sports teams and lots of college recruiting.
Best school! Super diverse. Most teachers graduated from here and went to ivy leagues and comes back to teach. Amazing. Teaches us at a high level. Our regular classes are taught at an honors levels. Honors like ap, and ap like IB
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