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Port Jefferson Union Free School District Reviews

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I’ve had a wonderful experience and not only has Port Jefferson been a great place to learn but it’s a great place to live.
Amazing I love the teachers the school is amazing, the diversity is on the low side though but still good. Very strong and highly rated in academics and clubs. Music and sports are two of the top 2 for school activities.
Staff complains @ being overworked, unappreciative of $alery, perks & small district. Staff:student ratio ridiculously high, inc. admin. District con't to take from students & gives to staff ie. elem. foreign lang, Artists in Residence, pub. center, clubs(ie. sailing we @ harbor side) , ELA & other courses, educational field trips. They ask for mandatory "donations" for plays/clubs/supplies, & still collect 30% reimbursement from BOCES for "team building" field trips parents pay for. Parents supplement many programs. There are some good/great teachers. But some teachers either through incompetence or telling unrelated personal stories during class time fail to teach the required material, while others don't show for scheduled extra help time, yet the district prefers to push students through the system. Many parents then have no choice but to hire tutors to teach their children, if they can't do it themselves. It is the parents that should earn the Blue RIbbon Award.
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Port Jeff School district has been a blessing for me. All of the teachers are so supportive and very approachable if you have any questions. The classes are structured very well and you find yourself really well prepared academically. Since it is a small school, everyone knows everyone and its very easy to create long lasting relationships that will go well past high school.
Very good school, my son did elementary there, vionlin classes are the best, the music teacher loves what she does, the administration is good, they work as team. You feel
like a family there!!
I loved the small setting of our school. The class size was instrumental in helping to develop the strong relationships I made with not only peers but my teachers as well. Every administrator and teacher takes an involved role in your school and community life. I would often see them at school events and community activities as well.
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